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The Mysteries of All Nations

By James Grant

  • Preface
  • The Rise and Progress of Superstition

Chapter I--Rise and Progress of Superstition--The Serpent--Cain's Departure from the true Worship--Worship of the Sun, Moon, and Stars--Strange Story of Abraham--The Gods of Antiquity--Ether, Air, Land, and Water filled with living Souls--Guardian Angel--Cause of the Flood--Magic--How the Jews deceived the Devil--A Witch not permitted to live--Diviners, Enchanters, Consulters with familiar Spirits, and Necromancers proved a Snare to Nations--Charms worn by the Jews--Singular Customs and Belief--Prognostication--Allegorical Emblems--Marriage Customs--Ceremonies at Death and Burials--Divination among all Nations--Observers of Times--Opinion concerning the Celestial Bodies--Power of Witches--Wizards--Necromancers' Power to call up the Dead

Chapter II--Men endowed with Prophetic Spirits--The Jews forbidden to consult the Oracles of the Heathen--Schools of Prophets--Influence of Music--The Prophetic Mantle--Way Revelations were made--Bath Kol--Urim and Thummim--False Prophets Strangled or Stoned--Diabolical Art--Moloch--Seething a Kid in its Mother's Milk--The Smooth Stones mentioned by Isaiah--Sheep-head and Sheep-head Broth--Casting Sins into the Sea--Fasting among the Pharisees--Dust of Heathen Countries--The number 10--Angels that had the Care of Men--Predictions by Hebrew Women--Punishment in the Grave

Chapter III--Egypt steeped in Superstition--Power of Magicians--Obtaining Visions--Demons--Departed Heroes--Gods and Demi-gods--Altars or Living Stones--Sacred Animals--Isis searching for Osiris--Leeks and Onions--Priests, Physicians, and Interpreters of Oracles--Sacrificing Human Victims--Wax Figures--Magic--Teaching of the Egyptian Priests--Transmigration

Chapter IV--Babylon--The Chaldeans--Downfall of Babylon predicted--Worship of the Medes and Persians--Sacred Fire--The Gaures--Births and Deaths in Early Times--A Narrow Bridge--An Immense Tree--Creation of Prophets--A Stone to which Abraham tied his Camel--Adam and Eve's Trysting Place--Black Art--Ways of discovering whether a supposed Criminal was Guilty or Innocent--Looking into Futurity--Canaanites, Syrians, and Arabians--Strange Fables--Abraham breaking Heathen Idols--Altars--Religion of the Carthagenians and Tyrians--Supremacy of the Gods

Chapter V--Greek Religion and Superstition--Jupiter regarded as the President of the Law and Protector of Cities--Dreams and Charms--Sacred Stones--Omens of Evil--Sacrificing the Hair--Flight of Birds--Compassing the Altar to the Right--Love secured by Magic--Marriage Ceremonies--Way of protecting a Child from Evil Spirits--Divers Magical Ceremonies--Laws as to Dead Bodies--Fingers and Toes of Dead Men worn as Charms--Preparing a Body for Burial--Swine and Swine's Flesh--Drinking Toasts--Prophets consulted before Armies marched to Battle--Certain Words avoided--Sneezing--Evil Omens--Throwing a Person overboard to save a Ship

Chapter VI--Roman Delusions and Customs--Tokens of Futurity--Drawing of Lots--Events foretold by reading the first passage that turned up on opening a Book--Lucky and Unlucky Stars--Fortune-tellers--Dreams--Omens drawn from the Appearance of parts of Animals offered in Sacrifice--Sibylline Books, Charms, and Incantations--Spirits observers of Men's Actions--Unlucky Days--Dress of a Bride--Anointing Door-posts and crossing the Threshold--Fire and Water--Bridal Feast and Nuptial Songs--Funeral Rites--Souls of Unburied Persons--Customs at a Deathbed, and Funeral Observances--Hobgoblins--Purifying with Water and Fire--Appeasing the Manes--Dead Bodies used for Magical purposes

Chapter VII--Ethiopian Superstition--Heathen Indian Gods--Superstitious Observances at Marriages--Disposal of Dead Bodies--Different Degrees of Glory after Death--Reverence for the Cow--Detecting Criminals--Addressing Oracles--Astronomy--Eclipse of the Moon--Magic--John Gondalez

Chapter VIII--Wizard and Man-tiger--Man-lion--Sacrificing Children--Offerings to the Ganges--A Rajah offering himself as a Sacrifice--Various Superstitious Ceremonies--King's Wives and Retainers going with the Dead Monarch into another World--An eternal Succession of Worlds--Apes supposed to have Human Souls--Worshipping Demons--Drinking Blood--Prognosticating from the Cries of Beasts--Witchcraft and Magic--Singular Opinions and Customs--Foretelling Future Events at the New Moon--Discovering a False Swearer--Offerings to the Sea and Winds--Superstition in China--Superstition in Japan

  • Heathen Gods and Goddesses

Chapter IX--Classification of Gods and Goddesses--Primeval Parent Chaos--Creation--Influence of Ether--Celestial Fire--Birth and Banishment of Cupid--Fate--Eternal Decrees--Throne of Jove--Fortune and Happiness--Misfortune and Misery--Rewards and Punishments--First Man and Woman--Pan the Emblem of all Things--Power of Heathen Gods--Descriptions of Juno--Venus the Goddess of Love and Beauty--Rustics turned into Frogs--Vulcan--Æolus--Momus the Jester--The Carping God

Chapter X--Satyrs described--Diana's Retirement--Pallas, the Goddess of Shepherds--The vile Flora--Pomona deceived--Nymphs--River Gods and Goddesses--Sirens--Witch Circe--Infernal Deities--Passage to Tartarus--Palace of Pluto--Judges of Hell--Goddesses of Destiny--Furies--Night, Death, and Sleep--Tartarian Regions--Delights of the Elysian Fields--Festivals of Heathens--Sacrifices to Deities--Things sacred to Gods

Chapter XI--Achilles--Taking of Troy--Acrisius's Daughter--Danae and her son Perseus--Ardea changed into a Bird--Pluto's Invisible Helmet--Minerva's Buckler--Mercury's Wings--Medusa deprived of Life--Sea Monster--A Gorgon's Head--Stheno and Euryale--Minerva's Revenge--Serpents and Pegasus produced by Medusa's Blood--Tales by the Daughters of Minyas--Punishment by Bacchus--The Search of Cadmus for his sister Europa--Halcyon's Sorrow--Transmigration--Exploits of Hercules--Love Potion--Hymen--Jason's Adventures--Power and Cruelty of Medea--How a Favourable Wind was procured--Manner in which Orion came into Existence--False Swearer punished--Palladium--Deeds of Paris--Golden Apple--Marriage of Peleus and Thetis--Impiety of Pentheus--Rhea and her Sons--Scylla turned into a Sea Monster

  • Mythology of Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Etc.

Chapter XII--Mythology of Germany, Great Britain, and Scandinavia--The world Niflheim--The world Muspelheim--How Ymir was created--The cow Aedhumla--Ymir's Offspring--Odin, the chief God--Valhalla--Queen Frigga--How the Seas, Waters, Mountains, and Heavens were made--Chariots and Horses in Heaven--Night and Day--Evil-disposed Maidens--Creation of New Beings--Bridge between Midgard and Asgard--Sacred Fountain--Roots of the ash Yggdrasil--Baldur's Dreams and sad End--Loki, the Evil Spirit--Hel and her Brothers--Worship of Scandinavian Gods--Norsemen and their Ancient Gods and Goddesses--The Volsung Tale--Odin, Loki, and Hænir's Wanderings--The Sword Gram--Sigurd's Exploits--What the Worshippers of Odin believed--Frodi's Maidens and Quern--Gods of the Laplanders--Sale of Winds--Lucky and Unlucky Days--Other Superstitions

  • Names of Days, Whence Derived

Chapter XIII--The Calendar--Names of Days, whence derived--The Power of Jupiter--Influence of Zeus--The God Indra--Origin of the term "Hours"--Hours under Planetary Control--Coronation of a Persian King--Evils transferred to the Turks and Kafirs--The Moon's Controlling Power--Time reckoned by Moons--A Strange Story--Heathen Gods--Thor's Palace--Thor's Power--Frigga's Abilities--Description of Seater or Crodo

  • Names of Months, Whence Derived

Chapter XIV--Names of Months, whence derived--January--First of January, how kept--New Year Gifts--February--Sacrifices for purging Souls--Second of February--Virtue of Candles--Shrove Tuesday--Eating Pancakes--Partaking of Brose--Choosing a Valentine--March--April dedicated to Venus--First of May--May Poles and May Fires--Dispute between Men and Gods--Superstitious Customs in Scotland--Superstitious Ceremonies in England--June Marriages--July--August--September--October--Hallow-e'en Ceremonies--December--Christmas Trees and Gifts--The Misletoe--Privileges in Leap Year--Yule Log--Christmas Festivities

  • Miracles Performed By Holy Persons, And the Influence of Sacred Relics

Chapter XV--St. Peter, and Simon the Magician--Clement's Miracles and Death--St. Agnes--A Miraculous Circumstance--St. Blase's Power--St. Agatha's Holy Life--St. Patrick's Missionary Labours, and Expulsion of Reptiles from Ireland--St. Germanus stilling the Raging of the Sea--St. David and the Welsh Leeks--Stirrup Cup and Origin of "Pledging"--Elfrida's Treachery and Remorse--St. Benedict's Power--St. Dunstan cured by an Angel--The Æolian Harp--St. Columba's Prophecy concerning Iona--Sacred Ducks of Ireland--St. Paul binding a Dragon--Saints and Frogs--Friars and Jesuits--Father Mark proof against Fire--Virtue of Holy Water--St. Noel's Imprecation--St. Boniface--Pope Silvester assisted by Satan--Necromancing Popes--St. Januarius's Blood--St. Anthony's Conflicts with the Devil--St. Anthony's Hog and Bees--A Tradition concerning Melrose--St. Cuthbert--A Princess swallowed up by the Earth--Monk Waldevus's inexhaustible Stores--Holy Relics--Rusticus and his Hog

  • Poets and Superstition

Chapter XVI--Prophetic Verse--The Bardi--Bards maintained by Noblemen--Queen Elizabeth and the Bards--Effects of Prophetic Sayings and of Pipe Music--Messages to another World--Voices of Deceased Friends heard in the Gale--Human Forms in the Clouds--Evenings in the Highlands--Michael Scott--Constant Work for Evil Spirits--Stemming the Tweed--How the Eildon Hills were formed--Ropes of Sand--Scott and his Magic Books buried at Melrose--Ossianic Poems--Stories by Bards

Chapter XVII--Shakspeare--An Outline of his Composition--"The Tempest"--Miranda beseeching Prospero to allay the Wild Waters--Ariel's Readiness to serve his Master--The Witch Sycorax--Caliban's Evil Wish--Neptune chased--"Midsummer Night's Dream"--Exploits of a Fairy--Doings of Puck--Titania and her Attendants--Ghosts and Spirits--Song--"Macbeth"--Weird Sisters--Macbeth's Doom--Witches' Caldron--Macbeth admonished by Spirits--"Antony and Cleopatra"--Dreadful Apparition--King's Death avenged

Chapter XVIII--The Poet Gay--The "Spell"--Hobnelia--Lubberkin--Spells resorted to--Valentine Day--Ladybird sent on a Message of Love--Virtue of United Garters--Gipsies' Warnings--Knives sever Love--Story of Boccaccio--Apparition of a Deceased Lover--Poems by Burns--"Address to the Deil"--"Tam o' Shanter"

Chapter XIX--Sir Walter Scott--His Belief in Superstition--How his Tales of Fiction are composed--A Town-Clerk frightened by an Apparition--A Ghost that did not understand Erse, but could communicate in Latin--Lovel and Edie Ochiltree--Discovery of Hidden Treasure--"Rob Roy"--Fairies' Caverns--Supposed Apparition in the Trossachs--Elfin People at the Firth of Forth--A Minister taken away by Fairies--Dame Glendinning's Tale--Lines from "Marmion"--A Fairy Knight--Mysterious Steed

Chapter XX--Lord Byron taught Superstition--Byron and the Maid in Green--Bridge of Balgonie--Byron's Fear to ride over it--His Belief in Unlucky Days and Presentiments--Socrates's Demon--Monk Lewis's Monitor--Napoleon's Warnings--A Sorrowful Tale--Byron's Fortune told by a Sibyl--Hebrew Camyo--Abracadabra--Loch-na-Garr--Oscar of Alva--Byron's last Instructions

Chapter XXI--Tale by Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd--Aikwood Castle--The Witch Henbane--Imps demanding Work--Michael Scott--Curious Sport--Dreadful Threat--Rats transformed into the form of Men--Inventor of Gunpowder--Summoning Evil Spirits--Latin the Language best understood by Satin and his Emissaries--Holy Signs and Charms--Effects of a Friar's Blessing--Magic Lantern--Michael Scott's Subscribed Conditions--Imps' Song--Dreadful Storm--Warlocks' Hymn--Eildon Hill

Chapter XXII--Allan Ramsay--"The Gentle Shepherd"--Bauldy the Clown--Mause the reputed Witch--Praying Backwards--Sad Misfortunes--Supposed Power of the Devil to raise the Wind and send Rain and Thunder--Sir William disturbed--Symon's Announcement--Promise to gain a Lassie's Heart--Witches' Tricks--Longfellow's "Golden Legend"--"Song of Hiawatha"

  • Monarchs, Priests, Philosophers, and Superstition

Chapter XXIII--Superstition--Commencement of Monarchy in Scotland--King Fergus I crowned on the Fatal Stone of Destiny--Signs, Assistance of Spirits, Magicians, and Fortune-tellers--Natholocus sends a Friend to consult a Cunning Woman--Her Prediction--Constantine and Maxentius--A Heavenly Cross--A Famous Standard--Queen Guanora's Grave--Fear of St. Martin--The Church's Belief in Departed Saints--Relics venerated--King bewitched by Witches of Forres--Evil Signs--Sea Monster in the Don--Kenneth III killed by an Infernal Machine--Virtue of Precious Stones--Weird Sisters--Consulting a Pythoness--Predictions by Druids--Domitian's Death foretold by Astrologers--Simon Magus--A Platonic Philosopher--The Emperor Julian instructed in Magic

Chapter XXIV--Louis XI and the Astrologer--A King's Enchanted Cap--David I and the Mysterious Stag--Merlin the Magician--Prophecies concerning Queen Elizabeth and Mary--Dragon Caverns--Predictions of Evil--Changing a King's Love--The Holy Maid of Kent--Nobles put to Death for keeping company with Sorcerers--James I of England and the Witches--Tranent Witches and Warlocks--Wise Wife of Keith--Two Hundred Witches sailing in Sieves--Raising Storms--Witch and Warlock Convention at Newhaven--Meeting of Witches at North Berwick--Witches tortured in Holyrood--The Devil's Mark--Bothwell's Fortune told--Witches and their Associates burned

Chapter XXV--Cromwell in league with the Devil--Cromwell consulting Astrologers--Memorable Days in the Life of Cromwell--Duke of Hamilton warned of his Fate--Peden's Predictions--Traditions concerning Peden--John Brown the Martyr--Linlithgow Loch Swans--Hereford Children--Great Comet--Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at Eventful Periods--Solomon's Power

  • The Druids

Chapter XXVI--Druids laid claim to Supernatural Power--Representations of the Sun and Moon--Belief of Druids--Beltane Feasts--Arkite and Sabian Superstition--Dancing to the Song of the Cuckoo--Initiation into the Druidical Mysteries--The Goodmane's Land and the Guidman's Fauld--Offerings to Demi-gods--Propitiating Beasts of Prey--Sacred Cairns--Trees dedicated to Demons--Law forbidding Worship of the Sun, Moon, Fire, Rivers, Wells, Stones, or Forest Trees--Extracts from Kirk-Session Records--Land dedicated to Satan--Midsummer and Hallow Fires forbidden--Yule-day--Order of the General Assembly as to Druidical Customs--Old Customs ordered to be discontinued

Chapter XXVII--Dr. Stuart on the Druids--Their Deities, etc.--Gauls descendants of Dis--Funeral Rites--Slaves and Clients burned--What Pliny says--Tallies used in making known the Will of Heaven--Walking through the Fire--Wonder-working Eggs--Easter Eggs represent Druidical Eggs--Origin of Druids--Wise Men of the East were probably Druids--Island of Iona--Druidical Cairns--Stones of Judgment--Misletoe regarded as a Charm--Rings worn as Preventatives against Witchcraft--Stonehenge--Merlin the Magician--Stones brought from Africa by Giants--Graves of British Lords

  • Demonology

Chapter XXVIII--First Ideas of Demonology--Rabbinical Tradition--Adam's Marriage--The Wicked Lilith--Egyptian Tradition--Arabian Worship of Genii--Christians' Opinions of Demons--Forms assumed by Evil Spirits--Demoniacal King--Duty of Inferior Demons--Task of Benign Spirits--Schools of Magic--Circassian Opinions--Belief of Indians--Situation of Hell--Men's Actions recorded--Rewards and Punishments--How to frighten Demons--Treatment of the Sick--Attendant Angels--Worship of Gods--Foretelling Future Events--Small-pox propagated by an Evil Genius--Souls of Deceased Persons--Effect of Charms

Chapter XXIX--Heathen Devotion in Ceylon--Superstitious Customs among the Schismatic Greeks--Negro Belief in Fetishes--Charms--Magic taught by the Priests--Dead Persons metamorphosed into Serpents--How the Gaures disposed of their Dead--Souls Blessed or Damned--Orders of Genii in Madagascar--Belief of the Caribbees--Brazilian Superstition--Peruvian Tradition--American Indians--Demons in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries--Satan in France--Manes, Anima, and Umbra among the Greeks and Romans

Chapter XXX--Visible Ghosts--Superstition on the Baltic Shores--A German Legend--Demons in the West of Europe--Love, how plighted in Orkney--The Monster Ymir--Origin of Fairies--The Duergar or Dwarfs--Brownies in Ireland and the Highlands of Scotland--Nine Classes of Evil Spirits--Vampires--Man's Double or Fetch--Churchyard Ghosts--Souls of Suicides--Burial of Suicides and Murderers at Cross Roads--Luther on Evil Spirits and Witches

Chapter XXXI--Belief and Teaching of the Roman Catholic Church--Swedenborg's Intercourse with Spirits--Marcus Brutus and his Evil Genius--Cassius and Julius Cæsar's Ghost at Philippi--Plutarch on Spectres--Socrates on the same subject--Archbishop Bruno and the Spectre--A Haunted House--Spectre at Sea--Ghost of a Murdered Man in New South Wales

Chapter XXXII--Spiritualism Past and Present--Magic taught in Leipsic--Spirit of Marshal Saxe--How Spirits were Invoked--Voices of Spirits--Mysterious Death of a Magician--Unearthly Huntsman--Prediction and its Fulfilment--An Estate lost at the Gaming Table--A Baron Shot--A Marriage prevented by an Apparition--Consulting a Witch--Raising the Spirit of a Murdered Man--A Murderer's Fate

Chapter XXXIII--Antonio the Rich--Dreadful Announcement from a Volcano's Mouth--Three Ghosts--Mozart apprehensive of Death--Mozart writing a Requiem for himself--Messenger from another World--Mozart's Death--Ghost of a Lady--A Haunted House--Iron Cage--Youth starved to Death--Frightful Dreams and Dreadful Sights--Dog frightened by a Spirit--Disturbed House--Duchess of Mazarin--Madame de Beauclair--Compact between the Living and the Dead--A Lady's Death foretold by a Spirit

Chapter XXXIV--Sir George Villiers' Ghost--Duke of Buckingham Murdered--Lord Lyttelton and others profaning Christmas--A Troubled Mind--Apparition of a Suicide--Neglected Warning--Ominous Hour--Lord Lyttelton found Dead at the dreaded time--Death of an old Roman King--Alarming Prodigies--Tales from the Eddas--A Scandinavian Warrior's Ghost--An Icelandic Lady's Ghost--Fear of approaching Calamities--Association of Ghosts--Apparitions of Drowned Men--Christians not disturbed by Spectres--A Band of Demons--Priest exorcising Evil Spirits

Chapter XXXV--A Mysterious Hunter--Man and Horse supposed to be Devils--Flagellation--Tales of the Scotch Highlands--Croaking Raven--Death of a suspected Witch--Resort of Witches and Evil Spirits--Spirits hastening to a Church--Black Man with Eyes like Fire--Horse breathing Smoke and Flame

Chapter XXXVI--Churchmen subjected to the Onslaught of Demons--St. Maurus rebuking Evil Spirits--St. Romualdus' Conflict with Satan--St. Frances--St. Gregory--Monk in Purgatory--Institution of the Thirty Masses for the Dead--An Excommunicated Gentleman--St. Benedict and the Blackbird's Song--A Monk restored to Life--St. Benedict's Sister ascending to Heaven--St. Francis' Dominion over Living Creatures and the Elements--St. Catherine's Power--St. Stanislaus' Miracles--A Dead Man giving Evidence--The Dead refusing a Renewal of Life--St. Philip Nerius and Evil Spirits--Spirits ministering to St. Erasmus--St. Norbert--Story relating to Henry I--St. Margaret's Triumph--St. Ignatius--St. Stephen--Satan's Hatred of St. Dominick--St. Donatus endowing a Corpse with Speech--St. Cyriacus, St. Largus, and St. Smaragdus, the Martyrs--St. Clare--St. Bernard's Power--St. Cæsarius' Wonder-working Crook--St. Giles and the Hind--St. Euphemia's Guardian Angels--St. Francis' Spirit--St. Bridget--St. Denis' Spirit--St. Teresa and the Angels--St. Hilarian--St. Martin--St. Catherine's Body carried by Angels to Mount Sinai--St. Francis Xaverius' Belief in Virtue of Bells--St. Nicholas--St. Ambrose--St. Lucy raising her Mother from the Dead--St. Anastasia sustained by Bread from Heaven--St. Thomas enduring Martyrdom in Life and after Death--Penance of Henry II--Barbarous Conduct of Henry VIII--A Hungarian Legend

  • Magic and Astrology

Chapter XXXVII--Magic a Study among the Learned--Plato and Pythagoras travelled to learn the Art, and taught it--Speakers made Eloquent by Magical Art--Virtue of Gems--How Jewels should be set--When they are to be Graven--Cures effected by Hippocrates--Democritus on Magic--Many Charms--Evil Spirits--Magicians sacrificing to the Planets--Magician's Power to produce Monstrous Creatures--Egyptian Magicians--Magical Circles--Throwing Old Shoes--Figures on Shoes--A Hangman's Soul--Directions for raising Ghosts and Spirits

Chapter XXXVIII--Josephus' Account of Astrology--Antediluvians acquainted with Astrology--Astrology after the Flood--Magicians in various Nations--Compact and Confederation with Spirits--Feats of Magicians--A French Priest in compact with the Devil--Married to Venus--Turning Leather into Gold--A Novice in Magic destroyed by a Spirit--Principles of Magic--Lilly the Astrologer--Lilly consulted by Royalists--Astrological Predictions

Chapter XXXIX--Judicial Astrology--Reading the Heavens--Lucky and Unlucky Days--Highland Superstitions--Climacterics--Astrologer and Charles IX--Influence of the Moon--Official Air-gazers--Sacrificing to Planets--Dryden's Faith in Astrology--Dryden calculating the Nativity of his Children

  • Divination and Oracles

Chapter XL--Divination--Heathen Gods giving Signs--Sortes Prœnestinæ--St. Augustine's View of Divination--Sortes Sanctorum--Divination in the Greek and Latin Churches--Declarations of the Divine Will--How St. Consortia became a Nun--Hieroglyphic Texts--Divination among the Jews--Plutarch on Oracles--Malthus' Belief in Oracles--A Missionary's Opinion--Sibylline Oracles--Alectoromantia--Belomancy--Cleromancy--Napoleon's Belief in Cleromancy

  • Signs, Omens, and Warnings

Chapter XLI--Crying in Youth--Image of Opis--Man born to Trouble--Bacon's Belief in Presages--Dugdale's Foresight--Sir Thomas More's Power to judge of Passing Events--Erasmus at the Tomb of Becket--Sir Walter Raleigh's Predictions--What Tacitus foresaw--Solon's Predictions--Cicero's Predictions--Knox's Predictions--Queen Mary and Darnley--Death of Thomas Maitland and of Kirkaldy of Grange predicted--Regent Murray warned against going to Linlithgow--The Human Body a medium for discovering Future Events--Death Warnings--Appearance of Spirits

Chapter XLII-- Ornithomancy--Mohammed's Pigeons--Cock-crowing--Sacred Geese--Phenomenon at Rome--Divination by means of a Sieve--Capnomancy--Catoptromancy-- Dactyliomancy--Cledonism--Onomancy--Names--Romans toasting their Mistresses--How Success in War was ascertained--Loss of Ships' Colours--Regimental Standards--Consecrated Banners--Battle of the Standard--A Highland Superstition

Chapter XLIII--Caution of our Ancestors--Magpies--Flight of Birds--Swarming of Bees--Howling of Dogs--Lowing of Cattle--Crowing of Cocks--Stockings wrong side out--Sign of a Letter coming--Sneezing of a Cat--Various Signs and Omens--How to prevent Ill Luck--Reputed Witches--Print of a Caldron, what it denoted--Unlucky to pass over a Balance--When not to pare your Nails--Touching a Dead Body--Funeral Processions--Storks--How to Sit--Marriages--A Prophetic Rhyme--Wedding Ring--Throwing Slippers, Besoms, Salt, and Rice after Newly-married Persons--Charms for Bridegrooms and Brides--Mothers and Children--Rules to be observed at Baptisms--How to treat Young Children

Chapter XLIV--Sweeping Floors--New Year and Christmas--"First-Foots"--Weather Prognostications--How to secure Favourable Gales--Superstitious Customs--Corpse of one guilty of Felo-de-se--Finding of Persons who die unseen--Superstitious Belief of Russian Seamen--Ancient Customs of Scotland--Friday an Unlucky Day for commencing an Important Undertaking--Friday as a Marriage Day--Anecdote of a Ship called "Friday"--Loss of the Ship "Amazon"--Sunday a Favourable Day for commencing a Voyage--Lawyers and Clergymen, how looked upon by Sailors at Sea--Rats deserting a Ship--Whistling to raise the Wind--Legend of Vanderdecken or the Flying Dutchman--A Grandfather's Axe--Other Signs and Warnings

  • Amulets and Charms

Chapter XLV--Amulets and Charms among the Chaldeans, Jews, and Persians--Amulets among the Greeks and Romans--Ecclesiastics forbidden to wear Amulets and Phylacteries--Pericles' Amulet--Lord Bacon's Opinion of Charms--Effect of Music--Yawning and Laughing, Fear and Shame--Diseases cured by Charms--Philosophers' Opinions of Amulets--Mr. E. Chambers on Amulets--Poets on Enchantments--A Dairymaid's Charm--A Charm sent by a Pope to an Emperor

Chapter XLVI--Ear-rings buried by Jacob--Solomon's Belief in Spells--Reginald Scot's Recipe for preserving Cattle--What Mr. Pennant says on Charms--Images Powerful Charms--The Egyptians' Confidence in Amulets and Charms--Evil Eye--Cold Iron--Holy Things used as Charms--Filing of St. Peter's Keys--Lustral Water--Uses of Snow--Keys of a Consecrated Building--Virtue of Consecrated Bread--Various Methods of securing Love--Indian Charms--Cure for Corns--Simple Plan for getting rid of a Troublesome Person--Curing the Hooping-cough, etc.

Chapter XLVII--Horse Shoes used as Charms--Spitting on Money to secure Luck--Fortunate Persons to deal with--Professor Playfair on Superstition--The Lee Penny--Divers Charms--A Seer's Prescription--Grose on Sorcerers, Magicians, and Witches--Irish Shamrock--Praying to Swords--Irish Superstition--Smugglers and Brigands addicted to Superstition--Superstition in the East--Arab Charms--Ladies' Arts

Chapter XLVIII--Earl of Derby's Death--A Queen Enchanted--Image of a young King--Belgrave on Charms--Childebert's Device for detecting Witches--Witch Burned--Witch Ointment--Men-Wolves--Church Authorities' Instructions to Inquisitors--Killing by a Look or Wish--The King of Sweden and his Witches--Witches' Help in War--Witches causing a Plague--Cattle Poisoned--Various Charms--An Angel's Charm to Pope Leo--Physicians' Faith in Charms--Inescation--Insemination--Egyptian Laws--Curing the King's Evil

Chapter XLIX--Precious Stones regarded as Objects of Virtue--Extravagance in Jewellery accounted for--Abraham's Precious Stones--Altars called Living Stones--Rod of Moses--Sacred Rings and Belts--The Month of one's Nativity has connection with one or other of the Precious Stones--Kings of England hallowing Rings--Ring preserved in Westminster Abbey--Iona Relics--The Green Stone of Arran--A Crystal kept as a Charm--A Conjuring Beryl--Prophetic Stones--The Coronation Stone or Stone of Destiny

  • Trials by Ordeal

Chapter L--Trials by Ordeal resorted to in Ancient and Modern Times--Ordeal by means of Hot Iron--Plunging the Arm into Boiling Water or Oil--Walking Blindfold in Dangerous Places--Weighing a Witch--Extending the Arms before a Cross--Swallowing Consecrated Bread--Ordeal among the Hindoos--Touching a Dead Body--An Inquest, how conducted long ago--Dead Henry's Wounds--Sir George M'Kenzie's Opinion of Trial by Ordeal--Sir K. Digby on Trial by Ordeal

Chapter LI--A Popular Story--Theatberge, wife of Lothaire--Forbes's Memoirs--Trial by Wager of Battle--When Trial by Wager of Battle ceased--Trial by Jury--Court of King's Bench deciding the Legality of Trial by Battle--Sir Walter Scott's Illustrations of Superstition and Trial by Battle in Olden Times

  • Curses and Evil Wishes

Chapter LII--Curses, Excommunication, and Anathemas--Diræ, the Executioners of Vengeance--Interment of Excommunicated Persons--Excommunication among the Hebrews--Last Degree of Excommunication sometimes followed by Banishment or Death--Form of Excommunication used by Ezra and Nehemiah--The Greek Church annually excommunicates Roman Catholics--The Druids resorted to Excommunication--Bishops excommunicating Rats, Mice, Caterpillars, and other Insects and Vermin--The Pope's Claim--Napoleon I excommunicated--Victor Emmanuel excommunicated--The Inquisition and its terrible Doings--The Pope's Fearful Curse--Mr. Donald Cargill excommunicating the King and Nobles--Indulgences, Pardons, and Penance

Chapter LIII--St. Adelbert's Curse--Complexion of Blackamoors attributed to a Curse of Noah--False Accusation, and its Results--Ancestors of the Whelphs and Guelphs of Germany--An Interesting Legend--A Gipsy's Curse--A Cruel Father and Husband--Morrar-na-Shean--Restoration of Three Daughters--A Grateful Father--Ancestors of the Sinclairs of Caithness, and of the noble family of Keith--The Curse of Moy--A Cruel Chieftain of Clan Chattan--Swearing by the Hand of a Bride--Grant of Glenmorriston waiting his Doom--Death of a Father and Lover--Maledictions and Prediction--Lady leaping from a Lofty Tower--The Monroes of Foulis--End of a Relentless Tyrant

  • Dreams and Visions of the Night

Chapter LIV--The Gift or Art of interpreting Dreams--Official Interpreters of Dreams--Sleep, how portrayed--Goddess of Dreams--Greeks soliciting the Inspiration of Dreams--Xenophon on Sleep--Prophetic Power of the Dying--Æsculapius's Discoveries in Dreams--Code of Menu--The Soma-drink--Josephus as a Seer--Dreadful Proposal by Josephus--His Fortunate Escape--An Eastern Conjuror--Reading a Sealed Letter--A Sultan warned of his Death in a Dream--Alexander's Death foretold in a Dream--Records of Dreams in Westminster Abbey--Lord Falkland's Dream--Rev. John Brown's Opinions--Early Christian Faith in Visions and Dreams--Death of a Friend foretold--The Devil's Sonata--Marriage of Queen Mary--Fatality of the Stuart Family--Death of Henry IV of France

Chapter LV--Dreaming Dictionaries--Dreaming of an Anchor--Sick Persons--Raiment--Fruit--Funerals--Dreams sometimes to be read contrariwise--Dreaming of Darkness--Jewellery--Losing and finding Property--Fowls and Eggs--Flying--Bagpipes, Dancing, and Banquets--Dreaming of Animals, Cakes, Corn, and Milk--Dreaming of Carrying and of being Carried--Angels, Spirits, and Children--Clergymen and Churches--A Broken Watch or Clock--Clouds--Falling--Flowers and Fruit--Sailors' Dreams--Running Streams and Still Water--Ploughed Ground and Green Fields--Presents--Glass, Hair, Fire, Cold, Tooth, Kisses, and Knives--Leaping, Climbing, and Writing--Linen--The Sun, Moon, and Stars, Rainbow, Snow, Thunder, and Lightning

  • Laws Against and Trials of Witches

Chapter LVI--Witchcraft treated with Severity--Cutting out the Tongue--Laws of Æthelstane--Witchcraft in England--Royal Writers--Sir Edward Cole's Opinion--Statute of Elizabeth against Sorcerers--Law of Mary Queen of Scotland against Witches--Law against Witches abolished--Sir George Mackenzie on Witchcraft--Extracts from Forbes's Institute of the Law of Scotland--Sir Matthew Hale a Believer in Witchcraft--Trial of Rose Cullender and Ann Duny--Punishment of Witches, by whom first countenanced--Pope John's Bull--Bishop Jewell--Lord Bacon and the Law against Witches--Fearful Slaughter of supposed Witches--Malleus Maleficarum, or Hammer for Witches--The last Persons executed in Scotland and England for Witchcraft--First German Printers condemned to be burned as Sorcerers--Reginald Scot on the Fables of Witchcraft--Mr. E. Chambers's Views of Witchcraft

Chapter LVII--Witch-finders--Disasters ascribed to Witches--Witches' Familiars--John Kinnaird--Patrick Watson and his Wife pricked--The Devil's Sabbaths--Grandeur at Satan's Feasts--When Feasts ended--Transformation--A Witch-finder sent from Scotland to Newcastle--Complaints against Witches--Deception discovered--Trying Witches in Northumberland--Escape of a Witch-finder from Justice--Zeal of the Clergy in Scotland in condemning Witches--Witch burned within the Sea-mark--Extracts from Kirk-session Records of Perth relative to Witchcraft--Witches at Kirkcaldy--A Clerical Witch-finder

Chapter LVIII--Hiring a Witch to detect a Witch--Clerical Witch-finders--Agnew, the Sturdy Beggar--A Distressed Family--Minister's Remonstrance and Advice--Fresh Afflictions--Prayer and Fasting--Spirits Speaking--Minister's Reply--Application to the Synod for Advice--Solemn Humiliation ordained by the Synod--Beggar suspected and hanged for Blasphemy--Bargarran Witches--An Esquire's Daughter bewitched--Physicians puzzled--Ministers' Visits to Bargarran--Presbytery ordering Days of Humiliation--Recourse to the Law--Catherine Campbell imprisoned--Girl's continued Affliction--Representation to His Majesty's Privy Council--Commission appointed to inquire into the case--Trial of Witches--Condemnation and Execution

Chapter LIX--Victims of Superstition--Lady Glammis--Her Trial for causing the Death of her Husband and attempting to poison the King--Found Guilty, and Burned--Lady Fowlis an intended Victim--Image of the young Lady of Balnagowan--Elf Arrows--Consulting Egyptians--Hector Munro's connection with Witches--Charge against Sir John Colquhoun and Thomas Carlips for consulting Necromancers--Love Philters and Enchanted Tokens--Bewitching Sir George Maxwell--Witch-marks discovered before the Sheriff of Renfrewshire--Commission appointed by the Privy Council to try Witches--Witches Burned--Intercourse with Fairies--Another Witch Story

Chapter LX--Edinburgh and Leith Witches--Black Catalogue--James VI and the Witches--Complaint to the Scottish Privy Council of Barbarous Conduct--Relics of Superstition--Witch-finders in Edinburgh and Leith--Royal Commission to Magistrates and Ministers to search for and put Witches to Death--Wife of a Judge in Edinburgh meeting a Witch's Fate--Repeal of the Laws against Witchcraft--Opposition to Acts being Repealed--Judge of the Supreme Courts against a Change of the Law--James Reid--Potter-row Witch--Alexander Hamilton, the Warlock--The Devil and Hamilton burning a Provost's Mill--Bewitched Man--A habit-and-repute Witch--Young Laird of Duddingston--Major Weir and his Magical Staff--A Magical Distaff--Agnes Williamson, a Haddingtonshire Witch--Elizabeth Bathgate of Eyemouth--Isabella Young of Eastbarns burned at the Castlehill

Chapter LXI--The Demon of Jedburgh--An Apparition--Witch shot in the form of a Cat--Auldearne Witch--Sabbath Meetings with Satan--Farmer Breadley--Disinterring Unbaptised Children--Singularly-constructed Plough and Team--Attempt to shoot a Minister--Borrowstounness Witches--A Pittenweem Witch--An Unearthly Horse--Merciful View of a Witch's Case--A Perthshire Witch--Water of Ruthven Well--A Changeling

Chapter LXII--Witchcraft in Aberdeen--Dean of Guild rewarded for his Diligence in burning Witches--Expense of burning Witches--The Marquis of Huntly's Desire to punish Witches--Action of the Presbytery anent Witches--Man under the Protection of the Fairy Queen--Strathdown Witches--Riding on Brooms--Crossing the Spey in Riddles--Disappearance of Witches--Madge M'Donald of Tomintoul--Witches' Pool--A Mountain Tale--Girl controlling the Elements--Witch Burned--Caithness Witches--One of the Evil Sisterhood--Investigation by the Sheriff--Margaret Nin-Gilbert--Helen Andrew--Shetland Witches--An Orkney Lady--Mary Lamont of Innerkip

Chapter LXIII--Neither Police nor Medical Men much required in Olden Times--Instrument of Torture--Torture declared Illegal--Berkly Witch--Attempt on the Life of Edward II--Master John of Nottingham--Escape of Coventry Necromancers from Justice--Rutland Family bewitched--A Pendle Witch--Strange Narrative--Essex Witches--Witches of Northamptonshire--Bullet-proof Witch--Drawing Blood above the Temples--Anne Bodenham foretelling how a Law Plea would be decided--Strange Proceedings--Discovering Concealed Poison--Performing Spirits--Ride to London through the Air--Impenitent Witch

Chapter LXIV--Paying Blackmail to Witches--Demon of Tedworth--A Persecuted Family prayed for--Unaccountable Sounds and Sights--Drummer found guilty of Sorcery--Raising Storms--A Wizard in Cromwell's Army--Aldermen's Children bewitched--Man kissed to Death--Witch unable to say the Lord's Prayer--A Taunton Witch--Bewitched Cattle--Mode of discovering a Witch--Selling a Soul to the Devil--Witch Executed--A Song of the Seventeenth Century

Chapter LXV--Elizabeth Style's Confession--Signing a Covenant with Blood--Alice Duke, Anne Bishop, and Mary Penny--Somerset Witches--Running backwards round a Church--Compact with Satan--Accusation against Sarah Morduck--A Judge's Opinion of Witchcraft--Supposed Sufferer from Witchcraft prayed for in the Church, and a Subscription raised for him--Falsely accusing a Woman of Witchcraft--Witch and Stolen Plate--Charm for Sore Eyes--Flames issuing from a Bewitched Person's Mouth--Tormenting a Witch--Jane Wenham's Witchcrafts and Trial--The last Persons who suffered in England for Witchcraft--List of Persons who suffered as Witches

Chapter LXVI--Scotchmen and Englishmen in America--Superstition in the Back Settlements--Witchcraft in New England--Rev. Cotton Mather's View of Witchcraft--Judges and Witnesses overawed by Witches--Bewitched Persons prayed for--Trial of Susan Martin--Absurd Evidence--Witchcraft in Sweden--Commission of Inquiry--Day of Humiliation appointed on account of Witchcraft--Threescore and Ten Witches in a Village--Children engaged in Witchery put to Death--The Devil bound with an Iron Chain--An Angel's Warning Voice--Witch assaulting Ministers--Witches' Imps--Butter of Witches--Witches Punished--Horse Burned

Chapter LXVII--Superstition in France--Pope John XXII celebrated in the History of Sorcery and Magic--A Bishop skinned alive and torn by Horses for Witchcraft--King Philippe and Superstition--Extracting Teeth without Pain--Berne Witch--Sorcerers in Navarre--Demoniacal Operations--Witches meeting their Deserts--Maria Renata's Witchcrafts--Nuns possessed of Devils--Jeanne D'Arc--Credulity of France and England--Fairies of Domremi--Charmed Tree--Sparkling Spring--Jeanne's Heavenly Mission--Maid at the head of Troops--Her Achievements--Siege of Orleans--Great Victories--Dauphin Crowned--Heroine Betrayed--Charmed Sword--Jeanne's Surrender--King's Ingratitude--Great Rejoicing at the Maid's Downfall--Attempt to Escape--Trial and Condemnation--Maid Burned--A White Dove rising from her Ashes

  • Superstition in the Nineteenth Century

Chapter LXVIII--Generality of Superstition--The Church and Superstition--St. Mourie--Various Modes of Superstition--Charms--Lucky and Unlucky Times--Sailors' and Fishermen's Delusions--Weddings, Funerals, and Baptisms--Spae-wives--May Dew--Holy-days--Kirk-session Records--Fort-William Fisherman--Dipping in Fountains--Lochmanur--Holy Well of Kilvullen--Well of Craiguck--Superstition in the Highlands--Warlock Willox--Superstition in Dundee

Chapter LXIX--Ghost at Sea--Ghosts in Edinburgh--Fear of Ghosts in Glasgow--Fortune-telling--Choice of Lovers, how decided--Irish Story--How a Ghost settled a Land Question--Prophecy respecting the Argyll Family--Yetholm Gipsies--Curses--Superstition among Fishermen--Superstition among Seamen--Providing for the Dead--A Warning--Blood Stains--Hallow-e'en at Balmoral--Faith in Dreams, etc.

Chapter LXX--Lizzie M'Gill, the Fifeshire Spae-wife--Predicting a Storm--Servants alarmed--Prediction fulfilled--Adam Donald, an Aberdeenshire Prophet--His Predictions and Cures--His Marriage--The Wise Woman of Kincardineshire--The Recruiting Sergeant--High-spirited Lady--Charmed Ring and its Effects--Elopement and Marriage--An Enraged Father--Life in America--Strong-minded Women

Chapter LXXI--Superstition at Chelmsford--Woman Bewitched--Old Zadkie--Incantation in Somerset--Turning the Bible and Key--Woman assuming the form of a Hare--Ruling the Stars--Superstition in London--How to preserve Children from Disease--Dreams fulfilled--Virtue of Holly and Ivy--Legend concerning the Tichborne Family--Romantic Divorce Case

Chapter LXXII--Spiritualism--Spiritualism not a new Delusion--Phantoms at a Seance--Juggling of a Medium--Unsuccessful Effort at a Vulgar Deception--Spiritualists Exposed--A Medium's Deception discovered--Foolish Exhibitions--Russian Peasants and their House Spirits--Spirits' Care over Persons and Property--Death, Pestilence, War, and other Evils foretold by Spirits--A Suggestion

Chapter LXXIII--Superstition in Roman Catholic Countries--Miracle-working Images, etc.--Image paying Homage to the Virgin Mary--Madonnas at Trastevere--Miraculous Cures--Superstitious Ceremony at Dieppe--Blessing the Neva--Superstitious Belief of Napoleon's Mother--Trust in Amulets--Zulu Superstition--Witchcraft forbidden by Great Britain--Eating Fetish--Superstition among the Ashantees--Endeavour to prevent the Advance of the British Army--Shah of Persia's Talismans--Indian Princes consulting Fortune-tellers--Procuring Rain in India--Mysterious Lights on the River St. Lawrence--The Queen  of Hearts--Superstition in America--Superstitious Artists--Hogarth's last Picture, "The End of all Things"

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