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The Alleged Haunting of B[allechin] House

The following is from The Alleged Haunting of B[allechin] House:

Appendix I

A lady, known to readers of Proceedings S.P.R. as Miss A----, who is an habitual automatic writer, but whose social position removes her from the temptations and tendencies of the ordinary so-called medium, was good enough on March 10, 1897, to contribute the following automatic script in reply to a request from Lord Bute:--

"I do not much care for the influence of this house; it is most decidedly haunted, but not by any particularly good spirits, the haunting being carried on by mischievous elementals, and as far as I can make out there is some one who lives there through all the changes, who supplies a great deal of force, and who is not aware of the power. I think that a great deal more is added to what really takes place, as the hauntings appear to me to consist of disturbing noises, with now and then a case of apport, for the elementary forces are not sufficient to produce forms unless a great deal of outside force is given.

"The forms that would appear would always be different, as each mediumistic person would supply his own surroundings. The only one I am not sure about is the shadowy figure of an old man whom I have twice seen in rather a dark passage, and from his surrounding light I should say he may often be there.

"I think the noises would stop of themselves, at least the more disturbing part, if a less attentive attitude were taken towards them."

These statements present certain interesting points as coming from one who had never seen the house, and knew nothing of its phenomena. "The shadowy figure of an old man in a dark passage" seems to point to the figure, possibly, of the Major, seen by earlier witnesses in the dark lobby--the only dark corner in the house--outside the door of the downstairs smoking-room, and whose voice was heard there by Miss Freer, Miss Langton, and Mr. T---- during the tenancy of Colonel Taylor.

An occasion upon which the phenomena might be described as those of "mischievous elementals," and also of apports, is referred to in the summing up of tactile phenomena, though it did not occur during the tenancy of Colonel Taylor.

On the other hand, the phenomena were often more active when least looked for, and some of those most expected never occurred. As there was not even a servant, nor even a dumb animal, common to the occupation of the S---- family and the tenancy of the H----s or Colonel Taylor, we are at a loss to know who the person can be who lives at B[allechin] through all the changes, and supplies force during the past twenty years.

Appendix II

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