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A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland

The following is from A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland by Sir Donald Monro:

Argyll Islands

Island Index by Location - Alphabetic

Caray (Cara)

Upon the northwest coist of Kyntyre, be four myle of sea to the same, lyes ane little iyle, with a chapel in it, callit Caray, guid for quhite fishes, abundance of cunnings, inhabit and manurit; mair nor ane myle lange, and ane haffe myle braid.

Gigay (Gigha)

At the heid of the iyle Caray, there fra northeist, lyes ane iyle callit Gigay, six myle lange, an myle and an half myle breidth, with ane paroche kirke, guid fertile mainland, it has therein abundance of eddirs. The auld thane of Gigay should be laird of the same, callit M’Neill of Gigay, and now it is possessit by the Clandonald. Streitest at the shore of Kintyre, from south west to northeist in length, four myle of sea from Kintyre.

Duray (Jura)

Nairest that iyle layes Duray, ane ather fyne forrest for deire, inhabit and manurit at the coist syde, part be Clandonald of Kyntyre, pairt be Mac Gullayne of Douard, pairt be M’Gellayne of Kinlochbuy, pairt be M’Duffithie of Colvansay, ane iyle of twenty-four myle of length, lyand from the southwest to the northeist twale myle of sea from Gigay above written, and ane myle from Ila, quhar is twa loches, meet and uthers throughe mide iyle, of salt water, to the lenthe of ane haff myle; and all the deire of the west pairt of that forrest, will be cahit be tainchess to that narrow entry, and the next day callit west againe, be tainchess through the said narrow entres, and infinit deire slaine there, pairt of small woods. This iyle, as the ancient iylanders alledges, should be callit Deiray, taking the name from the Deire innorne Leid, quhilk has given it that name in auld times. In this iyle there is twa guid and safe raids for shipps, the ane callit Lubnalierie, and the uther Loche Terbart, fornent others. The greatest hills in this iyle are chieflie Bencheelis, Bensenta, Corben, Benannoyre in Ardlaysay; ane chappel, sometime the paroch kirke Kiternadill. The watter of Lasay ther, the watter of Udergan, the watter of Glongargister, the waters of Knockbraik, Lindill, Caray, Ananbilley; all thir waters salmond slaine upon them. This iyle is full nobell coelts, with certaine fresche water Loches, with meikell of profit.

Skarbay (Scarba)

Neiras this iyle, be twa myle, Iyes ane iyle called Scarbay. Betwixt thir twa iyles ther runnes ane streame, above the power of all sailing and rowing, with infinit dangers, callit Corybrekan. This stream is aught myle lang, quhilk may not be hantit bot be certain tyds. This Skarbay is four myles lange from the west to the eist, and an myle breadth, ane high rough yle, inhabit and manurit, with some woods in it.

Veliche, Gilbrastol, Lungay (Lunga), Fidlachaille, Fidlavirow, Garowhellach Sheain & Garowhillach-Nanronow

Niarest the iyle of Skarbay layes ane iyle, called in Erish Ellan Veliche, unto the northeist.

Narrest this lays the iyle Gilbrastoll, a very little iyle.

Narrest to the iyle of Gilbrastol lays the iyle called Lungay.

Narrest the iyle Lungay, thers ane iyle callit Fidlachaille.

Narrest the iyle of Fidlachaille ther layes ane iyle, callit in Erische Fidlavirow.

Narrest the iyle Fidlavirow ther layes an iyle, in Eriche namit Garowhellach Skean.

Narrist to this forsaid iyle layes ther ane rockie knobe, namit in Erische Garowhillach-Nanronow.

Nanaose, Culibrenyn, Dunchonill, Madie, Belnachna, Vicreran & Nagawnwa

Narrist to this iyle of Garowhellach-Nanronow layes ther a verey little iyle, callit in Erische Eluche Nanaose.

Narrist to the iyland Nanaose layes ther the small iylland, callit in the Erische Leid Culibrenyn.

Dunchonil, ane iyle so namit from Conal Kernache, ane strenth, wich is alsmeike as to say in Englishe, ane round castle.

Ellan Madie, in Erishe, layes betwixt Lungay, and being callit in Englishe the Wolfiis iyle.

Narrest the Wolfiis iyle layes ane iyllane, callit in Erische Leid-Ellan-Belnachna, quharin ther is fair skailzie aneuche.

Narrest to the iyle of Belnachna layes the small iyle of Vickeran.

Hard on the iyle Vyckeran layes ther a small iyland, namit in Erische Ellan Nagaruwa.

Lunge (Luing), Seill (Seil), Seunay, Sklaitt, Nawissoge, Eisdcalfe, Inche Kenyth & Inchian

Lunge, three myle of lenthe, twa pairt myle of breadthe, with a paroch kirk, guid main land, inhabit and manurit, guid for store and corn. It possist be M’Gillayne of Doward, in feu fra the earl of Ergile. It is a havin sufficient for Highland galeyis in it, layand from the southwest to northeist in lenthe.

Narrest this iyle layes Seill, thre myle of lenthe, ane half myle breidth, leyand from the southwest to the northest, inhabit and manurit, guid for store and corne, pertaining to the Erl of Ergyle.

Narrest this iyle of Seill layes the iyle Seunay, two myle in lenthe, and half myle in breadthe from southwest to northeist, inhabit and manurit, guid for gersing store, and pcrtaining to the Erle of Ergyle.

Narrest Seunay layes ther a litle iyle, callit in Erische Leid Ellan Sklaitt, quherein ther is abundance of skalzie to be win.

Narrest this iyle layes the small ile of Nawissogu, in Erish callit Ellan Nawissogue.

Narrest this layes ther the iyle Eisdcalfe, namit in the Erische Leid Ellan Eisdcalfe.

Narrest this iyle layes ane iylland, namit Inche Kenyth.

Narrest this iyle layes an iylland, namit in Erische Leid Ellan Inchian.

Uderga, King’s Iyle, Black Isle, Kirke Iyle, Chrearache, Arde, Laich Ile & Greine Iyle

Narrest this forsaid iyl of Inchian layes ane uther verey small rock, callit in Erische Leid Ellan Uderga.

Narrest to the iyle Uderga layes ane iyle, callit in Erische Leid Ellan Reigh, that is in English the King’s isle.

Narrest to the King’s iyle layes ane isle, or rather a grate craig, callit in Erish Leid Ellan Duff, in English the Black isle.

Narrest the Black iyle layes there ane iyle, callit in Erisch Leid Nahagleis, and in English the Kirke iyle.

Narrest to this Kirk ile layes the iyle Chrearache.

Narrest to Chrearache layes there ane iyle, callit in the Erische Leid Ellan Arde, in English the Highe iyle.

Narrest to the Arde layes ther ane iyle, callit in Erisch Leid Ellan Esill, in English the Laiche iyle.

Narrest this Laiche ile layes ane iyle namit in Erish Leid Glassellan, that is in English the Green yland.

Heddir Iyle, Hasil Iyle, Gatis Iyles, Conings Ile, Idyle Iyle, Eisell, Uridithe & Lismoir (Lismore)

Narrest the Green yle layes the yile which in the Erish is namit Freuch Ellan, or the Heddir yland.

Narrest the Heddir iyle layes ther another, which in the Erish is callit Ellan-na-Crawiche.

Narrest the Hasil iyle layes ane rockie scabrous iyle, callit in the Erishe Leid Ellan Nagonre, which in English is the Gaytis ile.

Narrest to the Gaytis iyle layes ther a verey pretty little sandy ile, callit in the Erish Leid Ellan Nagenin, which in English is the Conings ile.

Narrest the Conings iyle layes the iyle callit be the Erish Ellan Dravin, that is the Idyle iyle.

Narrest the Idyle iyle layes ther a laiche small iyle, namit by the Erisch Ellan Eisell, or the Laich iyle.

Narrest to the aforesaid iyland layes the ile of the Erisch themselves, callit Uridithe.

Lismoir, ane iyle quher leid ure is, fornent Douard. This iyle is four myle lang, with ane paroche kirke in it.

Islay & Surrounding Islands

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