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A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland

The following is from A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland by Sir Donald Monro:

Islay & Surrounding Islands

Island Index by Location - Alphabetic

Ila (Islay)

Nar this forsaid iyle, on the west side of it, layes Ila, an ile of twentie mile lenthe from the north to the south, and sixteen myle in breadth from the eist to the west, fertil, fruitful, and full of natural grassing, with maney grate diere, maney woods, faire games of hunting beside everey toune, with ane watter callit Laxay, whereupon maney salmon are slaine, with ane salt water loch callit Lochegunord, quherin runs the water of Gyinord, with high sandey bankes, upon the quhilk bankes upon the sea lyes infinit selccheis, whilkis are slain with doges lernt to the same effect. In Ila is meikle lead ure in Mochyills. In this iyle there is ane guid raid for schipps, callit in Erische Polmoir, and in English the Mechell puill; this layes at ane toune callit Lanlay Vanych. Ane uther raid layes within Ellan Grynard, callit in English the isle at the poynt of the ness; the raid is callit Leodannis. Within this iyle ther is sundrie freshe water lochis, sic as Lochmoyburge, wherein ther layes an iyle perteining to the Bishopes of the iyles; the loch of Ellan Charrin, quherin ther is ane iyle pertyning to MíGillane of Doward; Loch Cherossa, with ane iyle perteining to the abbot of Colmkill. In this iyle there is strenths castells; the first is callit Dunowaik, biggit on ane craig at the sea side, on the southeist part of the countery pertaining to the Clandonald of Kintyre; second is callit the castle of Lochgurne, quhilk is biggit ill ane iyle within the said fresche water loche far fra land, pertaining of auld to the Clandonald of Kintyre, now usurped be MíGillayne of Doward. Ellan Forlagan, in the middle of Ila, ane faire iyle in fresche water.

Earne Isle, Hessil Iyle, Mulmoyris Iyle, Ofrum, Brydes Iyle, Cors Ker, Eisilache, Imerska & Bethey

At the mouth of Kyle Ila, betwixt it and Duray, lyes ane ile, callit in Erische Leid Ellan Charne, in English the iyle of Earne. Her begin to circkell Iyla, sune gaittis aboute with litle iyles.

Narrest this southwardes layes an iyle, callit in Erish the Leid Ellan Natravie, in English the Hessil iyle.

Narrest that, at the said shore of Ila, layes there ane little iyle, callit Ellan Míluray, callit in English Mulmorysis iyle.

Narrest this, at the said shore, southwart, lyes that iyle, callit in the Erische Ellan Ofrum.

Narrest to this, at the said shore, southwart, layes that iyle, which the Erische name Ellan Birde, in English Brydes iyle.

Narrest this, at the said shore, layes ane litle iyle, by the Eriche callit Cors Ker, tha is, the Stay Skarey or craige.

Narrest to this is ther a small iyle, at the said shore of Ila, which the Eriche call Ellan Eisillache, that is, the Liche iyle.

Narrest this layes the litle island Imerska.

Narrest to the iyle Imerska layes that iyle, which the Erische name Elan Bethey.

Tisgay, Scheipis Iyle, Myresnypes Iyle, Ness Poynte Iyle, Lyart Iyle, Tairskeray, Achnarra

Narrest this layes, at the south cost of Ila, thir is ane iyle, callit by the Erische Tisgay, ane myle of lenthe guid maineland, and ane kirk in it; very guid it is for sheep and for fishing.

Narrest this layes Ellan Nakerath, by the Eirische so called, and in Englische the Scheipis iyle, quhilk is verey guid for the same, and for corn also.

Narrest this, to the southwarte, layes ther ane iyle, by the Erishe namit Ellan na Naoske, in Englicshe the Myresnypes iyle.

Narrest this layes ther ane ysle, by the Erishe nameit in their Leide Ellan, that is the yle at the west poynt.

Narrest this layes Leach Ellan, Ryndnahard, by the Erishe namit sa, in Englische namit the Lyart iyle.

Narrest to this layes ane iyle, by Erische themselves called Tairskeray.

Narrest to Tairskeray layes the iyle namit Achnarra.

Grait Iyle, The Iyle Of The Manís Figure, Jhoneís Iyle, Starbeades & Onersay

Narrest this layes that iyle by the Erische namit Ellan Moire, that is the great iyle, guid for store and pasturage.

Narrest to the grate iyle lyes that which the Erische namit Ellancalffe, callit in Englishe the iyle of Manís figure.

Narrest this layes Ellan Ean, callit in Englishe Jhoneís ile.

Narrest to this layes that iyle that the Erische calls Stackbeades.

Narrest this, at the west poynt of Ilay, lyes ane iyle, callit by the Erische Ellan Onersay, ane myle in lenthe. It hath ane paroch kirke, and is verey guid for fishing, inhabit and manurit, with ane right dangerous kyle and stream callit Corey Garrache; na man dare enter in it bot at ane certain tyme of the tyde, or ellis he will perish. This iyle layes in lenth from the southeist to the northwest.

Merchands Iyle, Usabrast, Tanefte, Nese & Vebster

Narrest this, on the northwest coist of Ila, layes an iyle, callit by the Erische Ellan Kenyth, that is the merchands iyle.

Narrest this, on the foresaid northwest coist of Ila, lyes an iyle, callit Usabrast, good for grass and fishing.

Narrest this, on the north coist of Iyla, lyes ane iyle, nameit Ellan Tanefte.

Narrest the same, on the north coist of Ila, beside the entresse of Lochgrunord, layes ane iyle, called by the Erish Ellan-nese, with ane kirke in it. This iyle is half ane myle in lenthe, fair maynland, inhabit and manurit, guid for fishing.

Narrest this iyles lyes ther ane, callit by the Erische themselves Ellan Nabaney, that is the Vebsterís iyle.

Mull & Surrounding Islands

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