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Jacob Abbott

Adomnán (Adamnan)

Andrew Aird


The Duke of Argyll

Eleanor Atkinson

William E. Aytoun

R. M. Ballantyne

John Barbour

Sabine Baring-Gould

Alfred Barnard

J. M. Barrie

Michael Barrett, O.S.B.

J. Bayard Taylor

David Bennett King

Isabella L. Bird

George Fraser Black, Ph.D.

Margaret Moyes Black

"Black Palmer"

David Drummond Bone

James Boswell

Beriah Botfield

E. Cobham Brewer

John Buchan

Rev. D. Butler, M.A.

Lord Byron

William Camden

John Douglas Sutherland Campbell

Thomas Campbell

Andrew Carnegie

F. W. Chambers

Robert Chambers

R. H. Coats

A. O. Cooke (Annotated by Helen Bresler)

S. R. Crockett

Allan Cunningham

W. H. Davenport Adams

Charles Davison, Sc.D., F.G.S.

[Pamphlets produced by] Daniel Defoe

Sir George Douglas

James Drummond, Esq., R.S.A., F.S.A. Scot.

Alexandre Dumas

M. I. Ebbutt M. A.

[Edited by] P. H. Emerson

Jeffery Farnol

James Farrer

Abbie Farwell Brown

Allan Fea

J.A. Ferguson

William Finden

Edmund Flagg

F. A. (Frances Alice) Forbes

James Anthony Froude

John Geddie

Henry Glassford Bell

Prof. Grant

Harry Graham

James Grant

James Gray

Elizabeth W. Grierson

[Compiled originally by] Captain Grose

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Arthur L. Hayward

G. A. (George Alfred) Henty

James Hogg

D. T. Holmes, B.A.

Thomas Houston

Richard H. Hutton

Washington Irving

Violet Jacob

James VI of Scotland

Sara D. Jenkins

Samuel Johnson

Charles H. L. Johnston

James Johnstone (translator)

Rev. James Kerr, D.D.

Andrew Lang

John & Jean Lang

Mrs. Lang

John Gibson Lockhart

Innes Logan

J. A. MacCulloch

W. B. MacDougall

Hugh Macintosh

Ian Maclaren

J.P. MacLean, Ph.D.

James Macpherson

David MacRitchie

G. F. Maine

The Marquis of Lorne

Martin Martin

Hugh Miller

Alexander F. Mitchell

Sir Donald Monro

Charles Morris

Mowbray Morris

Thomas D. Murphy

James Napier

John and Robert Naylor

Alex. Nicolson

Elliott O'Donnell

Max O'Rell

Mrs. Oliphant

Jacqueline M. Overton

Howard Pease

Jane Porter

Katharine Pyle

Robert S. Rait

Ernest Rhys

J. Ewing Ritchie

David Rorie

Johanna Schopenhauer

Sir Walter Scott

Principal Shairp, Professor of Poetry in the University of Oxford

James D. Sharp

Samuel Smiles

Tobias Smollett

Robert Southey

Robert Louis Stevenson

Harriet Beecher Stowe


Joseph Tatlow

J. Pringle Thomson, M.A.

Mrs. Thomson

Robert Turnbull

Charles Whibley (from A Book of Scoundrels)

Howard Williams

Nathaniel P. Willis

Theodore F. Wolfe, from A Literary Pilgrimage among the Haunts of Famous British Authors

Dorothy Wordsworth

Charlotte M. Yonge


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