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The Genius of Scotland

From The Genius of Scotland by Robert Turnbull

(Published 1848)

  • Preface
  • Chapter I--Beauty an Element of the Mind--Our Native Land--Auld Lang Syne--General Description of Scotland--Extent of Population--Spirit of the People--The Highlands--The Lowlands--Burns's 'Genius of Scotland'--Natural and Moral Aspects of the Country--'The Cotter's Saturday Night'--Sources of Prosperity
  • Chapter II--The city of Edinburgh--Views from Arthur's Seat--The Poems of Richard Gall--'Farewell to Ayrshire'--'Arthur's Seat, a Poem'--Extracts--Craigmillar Castle--The Forth, Roslin Castle and the Pentland Hills--Liberty
  • Chapter III--Walk to the Castle--The Old Wynds and their Occupants--Regalia of Scotland--Storming of the Castle--Views from its Summit--Heriot's Hospital--Other Hospitals--St. Giles's Cathedral--Changes--The Spirit of Protestantism
  • Chapter IV--John Knox's House--History of the Reformer--His Character--Carlyle's View--Testimony of John Milton
  • Chapter V--Edinburgh University--Professor Wilson--His Life and Writings, Genius and Character
  • Chapter VI--The Calton Hill--Burns's Monument--Character and Writings of 'the Peasant Poet'--His Religious Views--Monument of Professor Dugald Stewart--Scottish Metaphysics--Thomas Carlyle
  • Chapter VII--Preaching in Edinburgh--The Free Church--Dr. Chalmers--A Specimen of his Preaching--The Secret of his Eloquence
  • Chapter VIII--Biographical Sketch of Dr. Chalmers
  • Chapter IX--Dr. John Brown of Edinburgh--Rev. John Brown of Whiteburn--Professor John Brown of Haddington--Rev. Dr. Candlish--Specimen of his Preaching
  • Chapter X--Ride into the Country--The Skylark--Poems on the Skylark by Shelley and the 'Ettrick Shepherd'--Newhall--'The Gentle Shepherd'--Localities and Outlines of the Story--Its Popularity in Scotland
  • Chapter XI--Biographical Sketch of Allan Ramsay--Lasswade--Ramble along the banks of the North Esk--Glenesk--A Character--Anecdote of Sir Walter Scott--Hawthornden--Drummond, the Poet--His Character and Genius--Sonnets--Chapel and Castle of Roslin--Barons of Roslin--Ballad of Rosabella--Hunting Match between Robert Bruce and Sir William St. Clair
  • Chapter XII--Ramble through the Fields--Parish Schools--Recollections of Dominie Meuross--The South Esk--Borthwick and Crichtoun Castles--New Battle Abbey--Dalkeith--Residence of the Duke of Buccleugh--'Scotland's Skaith,' by Hector Macneil--His Character and Writings--Extracts from the 'History of Will and Jean'
  • Chapter XIII--City of Glasgow--Spirit of the Place--Trade and Manufactures--The Broomielaw--Steam--George's Square--Monuments to Sir Walter Scott, Sir John Moore, and James Watt--Sketch of the Life of Watt--Glasgow University--Reminiscences--Brougham--Sir D. K. Sandford--Professor Nichol and others--High Kirk, or Glasgow Cathedral--Martyrdom of Jerome Russel and John Kennedy
  • Chapter XIV--The Necropolis--Jewish Burial Place--Monument to John Knox--Monuments of William Macgavin and Dr. Dick--Reminiscences--Character and Writings of Dr. Dick--Pollok and 'the Course of Time'--Grave of Motherwell--Sketch of his Life--His Genius and Poetry--'Jeanie Morrison'--'My Heid is like to rend, Willie'--'A Summer Sabbath Noon'
  • Chapter XV--Dumbarton Castle--Lochlomond--Luss--Ascent of Benlomond--Magnificent Views--Ride to Loch-Katrine--Rob Roy Macgregor--'Gathering of Clan Gregor'--Loch-Katrine and the Trosachs--The City of Perth--Martyrdom of Helen Stark and her husband
  • Chapter XVI--Sabbath Morning--'The Sabbath,' by James Grahame--Sketch of his Life--Extracts from his Poetry--The Cameronians--'Dream of the Martyrs,' by James Hislop--Sabbath Morning Walk--Country Church--The Old Preacher--The Interval of Worship--Conversation in the Church-yard--Going Home from Church--Sabbath Evening
  • Chapter XVII--Lochleven--Escape of Queen Mary from Lochleven Castle--Michael Bruce--Sketch of his Life--Boyhood--College Life--Poetry--'Lochleven'--Sickness--'Ode to Spring'--Death--'Ode to the Cuckoo'
  • Chapter XVIII--Dunfermline--Ruins of the Abbey--Grave of Robert Bruce--Malcolm Canmore's Palace--William Henryson, the poet--William Dunbar--Stirling Castle--Views from its Summit--City of Stirling--George Buchanan and Dr. Arthur Johnston--Falkirk--Linlithgow--Story of the Capture of Linlithgow Castle--Spirit of War--Arrival in Edinburgh
  • Chapter XIX--Journey to Peebles--Characters--Conversation on Politics--Scottish Peasantry--Peebles--'Christ's Kirk on the Green'--A Legend--An old Church--The Banks of the Tweed--Its ancient Castles--The Alarm Fire--Excursion to the Vales of Ettrick and Yarrow--Stream of Yarrow--St. Mary's Lake and Dryhope Tower--'The Dowie Dens of Yarrow'--Growth of Poetry--Ballads and Poems on Yarrow by Hamilton, Logan and Wordsworth
  • Chapter XX--Hamlet and Church-yard of Ettrick--Monument to Thomas Boston--Birth-place of the Ettrick Shepherd--Altrieve Cottage--Biographical Sketch of the Ettrick Shepherd--The Town of Selkirk--Monument to Sir Walter Scott--Battle-field of Philiphaugh
  • Chapter XXI--Return to the Banks of the Tweed--Abbotsford--The Study--Biographical Sketch of Sir Walter Scott--His Early Life--Residence in the Country--Spirit of Romance--Education--First Efforts as an Author--Success of 'Marmion'--Character of his Poetry--Literary Change--His Novels--Pecuniary Difficulties--Astonishing Efforts--Last Sickness--Death and Funeral
  • Chapter XXII--Melrose Abbey--The Eildon Hills--Thomas the Rhymer--Dryburgh--Monuments to the Author of 'The Seasons' and Sir William Wallace--Kelso--Beautiful Scenery--A Pleasant Evening--Biographical Sketch of Leyden, Poet, Antiquary, Scholar and Traveller--The Duncan Family--Journey Resumed--Twisel Bridge--Battle of Flodden--Norham Castle--Berwick upon Tweed--Biographical Sketch of Thomas Mackay Wilson, author of 'The Border Tales'--Conclusion--'Auld Lang Syne'

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