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Scottish Ghost Stories

By Elliott O'Donnell

  • Case I - The Death Bogle of the Cross Roads, And the Inextinguishable Candle of the Old White House, Pitlochry
  • Case II - The Top Attic in Pringle's Mansion, Edinburgh
  • Case III - The Bounding Figure Of "---- House," Near Buckingham Terrace, Edinburgh
  • Case IV - Jane of George Street, Edinburgh
  • Case V - The Sallow-Faced Woman of No. -- Forrest Road, Edinburgh
  • Case VI - The Phantom Regiment of Killiecrankie
  • Case VII - "Pearlin' Jean" of Allanbank
  • Case VIII - The Drummer of Cortachy
  • Case IX - The Room Beyond. An Account of the Hauntings of Hennersley, Near Ayr
  • Case X - "---- House," Near Blythswood Square, Glasgow. The Haunted Bath
  • Case XI - The Choking Ghost of "---- House," Near Sandyford Place, Glasgow
  • Case XII - The Grey Piper and the Heavy Coach of Donaldgowerie House, Perth
  • Case XIII - The Floating Head of the Benrachett Inn, Near the Perth Road, Dundee
  • Case XIV - The Hauntings Of "---- House," In the Neighbourhood of the Great Western Road, Aberdeen
  • Case XV - The White Lady of Rownam Avenue, Near Stirling
  • Case XVI - The Ghost of the Hindoo Child, Or the Hauntings of the White Dove Hotel, Near St. Swithin's Street, Aberdeen
  • Case XVII - Glamis Castle

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