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Haco's Expedition against Scotland

Literally translated from the original Islandic of the Flateyan and Frisian MSS.

With Notes by the Rev. James Johnstone, A.M.
Chaplain to His Britannic Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary at the Court of Denmark

Originally Printed for the Author in 1782

In 1263, King Haakon IV of Norway (1204-1263) undertook an expedition to western Scotland toretake the Hebridean islands from Alexander III of Scotland. Shortly after Haakon's death, details of his reign (1217-1263) were written by an Icelandic historian as Hákonar saga Hákonarsonar (The Saga of Haakon Haakonsson). A section of the saga, covering Haakon's expedition to Scotland, was translated into English by James Johnstone and published in 1782 as The Norwegian Account of Haco's Expedition Against Scotland A.D. MCCLXIII, which was published again in 1882. The following is taken from the 1882 version:




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