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An Historical Account of the Settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America

The following is from An Historical Account of the Settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America by J.P. MacLean, Ph.D.:


To Colonel Sir Fitzroy Donald MacLean, Bart., C.B.,

President of The Highland Society of London,

An hereditary Chief, honored by his Clansmen at home and abroad, on account of the kindly interest he takes in their welfare, as well as everything that relates to the Highlands, and though deprived of an ancient patrimony, his virtues and patriotism have done honor to the Gael, this Volume is

Respectfully dedicated by the

"There's sighing and sobbing in yon Highland forest;
There's weeping and wailing in yon Highland vale,
And fitfully flashes a gleam from the ashes
Of the tenantless hearth in the home of the Gael.
There's a ship on the sea, and her white sails she's spreadin',
    A' ready to speed to a far distant shore;
She may come hame again wi' the yellow gowd laden,
    But the sons of Glendarra shall come back no more.

The gowan may spring by the clear-rinnin' burnie,
    The cushat may coo in the green woods again.
The deer o' the mountain may drink at the fountain,
    Unfettered and free as the wave on the main;
But the pibroch they played o'er the sweet blooming heather
    Is hushed in the sound of the ocean's wild roar;
The song and the dance they hae vanish'd thegither,
 For the maids o' Glendarra shall come back no more."


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