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A Late Voyage to St. Kilda

The following is from A Late Voyage to St. Kilda by Martin Martin:

  • The Preface
  • Chapter I - The Motives for the Voyage: Signs of a Storm: The Changes of the Wind: The Consequence of their Change: The Flight of the Fowls: How serving the Natives as well as a Compass: A Fight betwixt Two Solan Geese: The way the Inhabitants walk among the Rocks: The Manner of Landing: The Number of Eggs consumed in Three Weeks: Various Names of the Isle: Latitude, Climate, Seasons, Length and Breadth of it: The Bay: Force of the Sea: Four Arches, or Vaults: Chrystal, how it grows: A Female Warrior’s House: Fountains: Marks on the Cattel, &c., Fishes, Baits: Amphibia.
  • Chapter II - Of the inferior Isles and Rocks, their Product: Solan Geese, how Killed: A branch of the Officer’s Salary, Staller-house, Pyramids: Policy of the Inhabitants: An Earthquake: A Fountain: The taking away, or leaving the Eggs in the Nests by the Inhabitants, advances or retards the hatching of the Fowls by the space of Eighteen Days, sooner or later: Our progress to Borera: Every Solan Goose catch’d, is presently mark’d on the Foot by the Owner: Of Eddies: Tides: Land and Sea-Fowls, their description, various Properties, Seasons for their coming, and going away: Their Prognosticks of Winds, Storms, Calms, &c.: Barren Tribe of Solan Geese: The Solan Geese’s Centinels: Fulmar Oyl, its properties: Eggs, their various Properties and Effects.
  • Chapter III - Of the Inhabitants. Their Pedigree: Complection: Strength: Diseases: Cures: Plants: Religion: Notion of Spirits. Festivals: Anniversary Cavalcade: Chappels: Crucifix; Lots: Marriage: Baptism. Proprietor: Omer: Cubit: Envoy, his salary, Entry. Steward’s Retinue: His Residence: How far Limited. Tributary Cake. Mutton furnished by the Officer to the Steward every Sunday. Number of the Inhabitants: Their Kiln by turns. The Officer: His Precedence: Notion of Honour: The Danger attending this Notion. Dexterity in Climbing. Language. Habit. Burials. Ale, how Brewed. Fowls preserved. A Calculation of the Solan Geese consumed by the Inhabitants last Year. Five hundred Stone-Pyramids for several uses. The Inhabitants’ Food. Great lovers of Tobacco. Their Boat, how nicely divided. Fire-Penny: Pot-Penny. No Money used here. The Rock-Fowl: How presented by a Lover to his Mistress. The Mistress-Stone. Notions of all Foreign Objects. Divertisements.
  • An Account of one Roderick, supposed to have had Conversation with a Familiar Spirit, and pretending to be sent by St. John the Baptist with New Revelations and Discoveries.

To the Right Honourable CHARLES MONTAGUE, Esq.,
Chancellor of His Majesty's Exchequer, President to the Royal Society, &c.


THE Royal Society (in which you so worthily at this time preside) having formerly done me the honour to publish some of my observations in their celebrated Transactions, it has now encouraged me to presume on your patronage, and made me prefix your great name to this little essay.

The world is in general so well acquainted with those noble endowments and great abilities, for which our most wise and discerning monarch so early raised you to the highest places of trust and dignity, that only these poor islanders of whom I write, seem to be unhappily excluded from the knowledge of those many rare and excellent virtues, which under your administration do so signally bless mankind; of all which no one seems so necessary for me to implore, as that of your extraordinary goodness; which, I hope, will incline you to accept of this plain and humble address, as also to pardon the presumption of,

Your most humble and obedient servant,

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