Life of Mary Queen of Scots

The following is from Life of Mary Queen of Scots in Two Volumes by Henry Glassford Bell (published 1828):

Volume I

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter I--Scotland and its Troubles during Mary's Infancy
  • Chapter II--Scotland and the Scottish Reformers, under the Regency of the Queen Dowager
  • Chapter III--Mary's Birth, and subsequent residence at the French Court, with a Sketch of the State of Society and Manners in France, during the sixteenth century
  • Chapter IV--Mary's Marriage, Personal Appearance, and Popularity
  • Chapter V--Mary the Queen Dauphiness, the Queen, and the Queen Dowager of France
  • Chapter VI--Mary's return to Scotland, and previous negociations with Elizabeth
  • Chapter VII--Mary's arrival at Holyrood, with Sketches of her Principal Nobility
  • Chapter VIII--John Knox, the Reformers, and the turbulent Nobles
  • Chapter IX--Mary's Expedition to the North
  • Chapter X--Chatelard's imprudent Attachment, and Knox's persevering Hatred
  • Chapter XI--The domestic Life of Mary, with some Anecdotes of Elizabeth
  • Chapter XII--Mary's Suitors, and the Machinations of her Enemies
  • Chapter XIII--Mary's Marriage with Darnley
  • Chapter XIV--Murray's Rebellion
  • Chapter XV--The Earl of Morton's Plot
  • Chapter XVI--The Assassination of David Rizzio
  • Chapter XVII--The Birth of James VI
  • Chapter XVIII--Mary's Treatment of Darnley, and alleged Love for the Earl of Bothwell

Volume II

Mary Queen of Scots
[Engraved by A. Wilson; Painted From The Original By John Watson Gordon R.I.A.]

Linlithgow Palace (above) and Lochleven Castle (below)

[Drawn by W. Brown; Engraved by W. Miller]

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