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The Modern Scottish Minstrel

The following is from Volume II of The Modern Scottish Minstrel; Or, The Songs of Scotland of the Past Half Century in Six Volumes:


James Hogg
  • Donald Macdonald
  • Flora Macdonald's farewell
  • Bonnie Prince Charlie
  • The skylark
  • Caledonia
  • Jeanie, there's naething to fear ye
  • When the kye comes hame
  • The women folk
  • M'Lean's welcome
  • Charlie is my darling
  • Love is like a dizziness
  • weel befa' the maiden gay
  • The flowers of Scotland
  • Lass, an' ye lo'e me, tell me now
  • Pull away, jolly boys
  • O, saw ye this sweet bonnie lassie o' mine?
  • The auld Highlandman
  • Ah, Peggy, since thou 'rt gane away
  • Gang to the brakens wi' me
  • Lock the door, Lariston
  • I hae naebody now
  • The moon was a-waning
  • Good night, and joy

James Muirhead, D.D.

  • Bess the gawkie

Mrs Agnes Lyon

  • Neil Gow's farewell to whisky
  • See the winter clouds around
  • Within the towers of ancient Glammis
  • My son George's departure

Robert Lochore

  • Now, Jenny lass
  • Marriage, and the care o't
  • Mary's twa lovers
  • The forlorn shepherd

John Robertson

  • The toom meal pock

Alexander Balfour

  • The bonnie lass o' Leven water
  • Slighted love

George Macindoe

  • Cheese and whisky
  • The burn trout

Alexander Douglas

  • Fife, an' a' the land about it

William M'laren

  • Now summer shines with gaudy pride
  • And dost thou speak sincere, my love?
  • Say not the bard has turn'd old

Hamilton Paul

  • Helen Gray
  • The bonnie lass of Barr

Robert Tannahill

  • Jessie, the flower o' Dumblane
  • Loudon's bonnie woods and braes
  • The lass of Arranteenie
  • Yon burn side
  • The braes o' Gleniffer
  • Through Crockston Castle's lanely wa's
  • The braes o' Balquhither
  • Gloomy winter's now awa'
  • O! are ye sleeping, Maggie?
  • Now winter, wi' his cloudy brow
  • The dear Highland laddie, O
  • The midges dance aboon the burn
  • Barrochan Jean
  • O, row thee in my Highland plaid
  • Bonnie wood of Craigie lea
  • Good night, and joy

Henry Duncan, D.D.

  • Curling song
  • On the green sward
  • The Ruthwell volunteers
  • Exiled far from scenes of pleasure
  • The roof of straw
  • Thou kens't, Mary Hay

Robert Allan

  • Blink over the burn, my sweet Betty
  • Come awa, hie awa
  • On thee, Eliza, dwell my thoughts
  • To a linnet
  • The primrose is bonnie in spring
  • The bonnie lass o' Woodhouselee
  • The sun is setting on sweet Glengarry
  • Her hair was like the Cromla mist
  • leeze me on the bonnie lass,
  • Queen Mary's escape from Lochleven Castle
  • When Charlie to the Highlands came
  • Lord Ronald came to his lady's bower
  • The lovely maid of Ormadale
  • A lassie cam' to our gate
  • The thistle and the rose
  • The Covenanter's lament
  • Bonnie lassie

John Leyden, M.D.

  • Ode to the evening star
  • The return after absence
  • Lament for Rama

James Scadlock

  • Along by Levern stream so clear
  • Hark, hark, the skylark singing
  • October winds

Sir Alexander Boswell, Bart.

  • Jenny's bawbee
  • Jenny dang the weaver
  • The lass o' Isla
  • Taste life's glad moments
  • Good night, and joy be wi' ye a'
  • Old and new times
  • Bannocks o' barley meal

William Gillespie

  • The Highlander
  • Ellen

Thomas Mounsey Cunningham

  • Adown the burnie's flowery bank
  • The hills o' Gallowa'
  • The braes o' Ballahun
  • The unco grave
  • Julia's grave
  • Fareweel, ye streams

John Struthers

  • Admiring Nature's simple charms
  • Oh, bonnie buds yon birchen tree

The Residence of the Ettrick Shepherd

The Ettrick Shepherd
[Lithographed from an original Portrait in the possession of his widow by Schenck & McFarlane, Edinburgh]

Andrew Mercer

  • The hour of love

Richard Gall

  • How sweet is the scene
  • Captain O'Kain
  • My only jo and dearie, O
  • The bonnie blink o' Mary's e'e
  • The braes o' Drumlee
  • I winna gang back to my mammy again
  • The bard
  • Louisa in Lochaber
  • The hazlewood witch
  • Farewell to Ayrshire

George Scott

  • The flower of the Tyne

Thomas Campbell

  • Ye mariners of England
  • Glenara
  • The wounded hussar
  • Battle of the Baltic
  • Men of England

Mrs G. G. Richardson

  • The fairy dance
  • Summer morning
  • There's music in the flowing tide
  • Ah! faded is that lovely broom

Thomas Brown, M.D.

  • Consolation of altered fortunes
  • The faithless mourner
  • The lute

William Chalmers

  • Sing on
  • The Lomond braes

Joseph Train

  • My doggie
  • Blooming Jessie
  • Old Scotia

Robert Jamieson

  • My wife's a winsome wee thing
  • Go to him, then, if thou can'st go

Walter Watson

  • My Jockie's far awa
  • Maggie an' me
  • Sit down, my cronie
  • Braes o' Bedlay
  • Jessie

William Laidlaw

  • Lucy's flittin'
  • Her bonnie black e'e
  • Alake for the lassie

Metrical Translations from the Modern Gaelic Minstrelsy

Alexander Macdonald

  • The lion of Macdonald
  • The brown dairy-maiden
  • The praise of Morag
  • News of Prince Charles

John Roy Stuart

  • Lament for Lady Macintosh
  • The day of Culloden

John Morrison

  • My beauty dark

Robert Mackay (Rob Donn)

  • The Highlander's home sickness

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