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The Modern Scottish Minstrel

The following is from Volume V of The Modern Scottish Minstrel; Or, The Songs of Scotland of the Past Half Century in Six Volumes:


Francis Bennoch
  • Truth and honour
  • Our ship
  • Auld Peter Macgowan
  • The flower of Keir
  • Constancy
  • My bonnie wee wifie
  • The bonnie bird
  • Come when the dawn
  • Good-morrow
  • Oh, wae's my life
  • Hey, my bonnie wee lassie
  • Bessie
  • Courtship
  • Together
  • Florence Nightingale

Joseph Macgregor

  • Laddie, oh! leave me
  • How blythely the pipe

William Dunbar, D.D.

  • The maid of Islay

William Jerdan

  • The wee bird's song
  • What makes this hour?

Alexander Bald

  • The lily of the vale
  • How sweet are the blushes of morn

George Wilson

  • Mild as the morning
  • The beacons blazed
  • The rendezvous

John Younger

  • Ilka blade o' grass gets its ain drap o' dew
  • The month of June

John Burtt

  • O'er the mist-shrouded cliffs
  • O! lassie I lo'e dearest

Charles James Finlayson

  • The bard strikes his harp
  • Ph[oe]bus, wi' gowden crest
  • Oh, my love's bonnie

William Dobie

  • The dreary reign of winter's past

Robert Hendry, M.D.

  • Oh, let na gang yon bonnie lassie

Hew Ainslie

  • The hameward sang
  • Dowie in the hint o' hairst
  • On wi' the tartan
  • The rover o' Lochryan
  • The last look o' hame
  • The lads an' the land far awa'
  • My bonnie wee Bell

William Thomson

  • The maiden to her reaping-hook

Alexander Smart

  • When the bee has left the blossom
  • Oh, leave me not
  • Never despair

John Dunlop

  • The year that's awa'
  • Oh, dinna ask me
  • Love flies the haunts of pomp and power
  • War

William Blair

  • The Highland maid
  • The Neapolitan war-song

Archibald Mackay

  • Our auld Scots sangs
  • My laddie lies low
  • Jouk and let the jaw gae by
  • Victorious be again, boys

William Air Foster

  • Fareweel to Scotia
  • The falcon's flight
  • The salmon run

Charles Marshall

  • The blessing on the wark
  • Jewel of a lad
  • Twilight joys

William Wilson

  • Oh, blessing on her starlike een
  • Oh! blessing on thee, land
  • The faithless
  • My soul is ever with thee
  • Auld Johnny Graham
  • Jean Linn
  • Bonnie Mary

Mrs Mary Macarthur

  • The missionary

John Ramsay

  • Farewell to Craufurdland

James Parker

  • The mariner's song
  • Her lip is o' the rose's hue

John Hunter

  • The bower o' Clyde
  • Mary
  • In distant years

Robert Chambers

  • Young Randal
  • The ladye that I love
  • Thou gentle and kind one
  • Lament for the old Highland warriors

Thomas Aird

  • The swallow
  • Genius

Robert White

  • My native land
  • A shepherd's life
  • Her I love best
  • The knight's return
  • The bonnie Redesdale lassie
  • The mountaineer's death

William Cameron (2)

  • Sweet Jessie o' the dell
  • Meet me on the gowan lea
  • Morag's fairy glen
  • Oh! dinna cross the burn, Willie

Alexander Tait

  • E'ening's dewy hour

Charles Fleming

  • Watty M'Neil

William Ferguson

  • I'll tend thy bower, my bonnie May
  • Wooing song
  • I'm wandering wide

Thomas Dick

  • How early I woo'd thee

Alexander Macansh

  • The mother and child
  • Change
  • The tomb of the Bruce

Miss Eliza A. H. Ogilvy

  • Craig Elachie

James Pringle

  • The ploughman

Alexander Maclagan

Ever faithfully yours,
F. Bennoch

Hugh Miller

  • Sister Jeanie, haste, we'll go
  • Oh, softly sighs the westlin' breeze

William Anderson

  • Woodland song
  • The wells o' Weary
  • I'm naebody noo
  • I canna sleep

William M. Hetherington, D.D., Ll.D.

  • 'Tis sweet wi' blythesome heart to stray
  • Oh, sweet is the blossom

Thomas Watson

  • The squire o' low degree

James Macdonald

  • Bonnie Aggie Lang
  • The pride o' the glen
  • Mary

James Ballantine

  • Naebody's bairn
  • Castles in the air
  • Ilka blade o' grass keps its ain drap o' dew
  • Wifie, come hame
  • The birdie sure to sing is aye the gorbel o' the nest
  • Creep afore ye gang
  • Ae guid turn deserves anither
  • The nameless lassie
  • Bonnie Bonaly
  • Saft is the blink o' thine e'e, lassie
  • The mair that ye work, aye the mair will ye win
  • The widow

John Finlay (2)

  • The noble Scottish game
  • The merry bowling-green

Thomas Tod Stoddart

  • Angling song
  • Let ither anglers
  • The British oak
  • Peace in war

Alexander Maclagan

  • Curling song
  • The auld meal mill
  • The thistle
  • The Scotch blue bell
  • The rockin'
  • The widow
  • The Highland plaid
  • The flower o' Glencoe

Mrs Jane C. Simpson

  • Gentleness
  • He loved her for her merry eye
  • Life and death
  • Good-night

Andrew Park

  • Hurrah for the Highlands
  • Old Scotland, I love thee!
  • Flowers of summer
  • Home of my fathers
  • What ails my heart?
  • Away to the Highlands
  • I'm away
  • There is a bonnie, blushing flower
  • The maid of Glencoe

Marion Paul Aird

  • The fa' o' the leaf
  • The auld kirkyard
  • Far, far away

William Sinclair

  • The royal Breadalbane oak
  • Evening
  • Mary
  • Absence
  • Is not the earth
  • Oh! love the soldier's daughter dear!
  • The battle of Stirling

William Miller

  • Ye cowe a'

Alexander Hume (2)

  • My ain dear Nell
  • The pairtin'

Metrical Translations from the Modern Gaelic Minstrelsy

John Macdonald, D.D.

  • The missionary of St Kilda

Duncan Kennedy

  • The return of peace

Allan M'dougall

  • The song of the carline

Kenneth Mackenzie

  • The song of the kilt

John Campbell

  • The storm blast

James M'gregor, D.D.

  • Light in the Highlands

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