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The Modern Scottish Minstrel

The following is from Volume VI of The Modern Scottish Minstrel; Or, The Songs of Scotland of the Past Half Century in Six Volumes:


Charles Mackay, Ll.D.
  • Love aweary of the world
  • The lover's second thoughts on world weariness
  • A candid wooing
  • Procrastinations
  • Remembrances of nature
  • Believe, if you can
  • Oh, the happy time departed
  • Come back! come back!
  • Tears
  • Cheer, boys, cheer
  • Mourn for the mighty dead
  • A plain man's philosophy
  • The secrets of the hawthorn
  • A cry from the deep waters
  • The return home
  • The men of the North
  • The lover's dream of the wind

Archibald Crawford

  • Bonnie Mary Hay
  • Scotland, I have no home but thee

George Donald

  • The spring time o' life
  • The scarlet rose-bush

Henry Glassford Bell

  • My life is one long thought of thee
  • Why is my spirit sad?
  • Geordie Young
  • My fairy Ellen
  • A bachelor's complaint

William Bennet

  • Blest be the hour of night
  • The rose of beauty
  • I'll think on thee, love
  • There's music in a mother's voice
  • The brig of Allan

George Outram

  • Charge on a bond of annuity

Henry Inglis

  • Weep away

James Manson

  • Ocean
  • The hunter's daughter
  • An invitation
  • Cupid and the rose-bud
  • Robin Goodheart's carol

James Hedderwick

  • My bark at sea
  • Sorrow and song
  • The land for me
  • The emigrants
  • First grief
  • The linnet

William Brockie

  • Ye'll never gang back to yer mither nae mair

Alexander M'lachlan

  • The lang winter e'en

Thomas Young

  • Antoinette; or, The Falls

Robert Wilson

  • Away, away, my gallant bark
  • Love

Edward Polin

  • A good old song

Alexander Buchanan

  • I wander'd alane
  • Katie Blair

David Taylor

  • My ain gudeman

Robert Cathcart

  • Mary

William Jamie

  • Auld Scotia's sangs

John Crawford

  • My auld wifie Jean
  • The land o' the bonnet and plaid
  • Sing on, fairy Devon
  • Ann o' Cornylee
  • My Mary dear
  • The waes o' eild

John Stuart Blackie

  • Song of Ben Cruachan
  • The braes of Mar
  • My loves
  • Liking and loving

William Stirling, M.P.

  • Ruth
  • Shallum

Thomas C. Latto

  • The kiss ahint the door
  • The widow's ae bit lassie
  • The yellow hair'd laddie
  • Tell me, dear

William Cadenhead

  • Do you know what the birds are singing
  • An hour with an old love

Allan Gibson

  • The lane auld man
  • The wanderer's return

Thomas Elliott

  • Up with the dawn
  • Clyde boat song
  • Dimples and a'
  • Bubbles on the blast
  • A serenade
  • A song of little things
  • My ain mountain land
  • When I come hame at e'en

William Logan

  • Jeanie Gow

James Little

  • Our native hills again
  • Here's a health to Scotia's shore
  • The days when we were young
  • Lizzy Frew

Colin Rae Brown

  • Charlie
  • comin'
  • The widow's daughter

Robert Leighton

  • My muckle meal-pock

James Henderson

  • The wanderer's deathbed
  • The song of Time
  • The Highland hills
  • My native land

Birth Place of Tannahill, Alexander Wilson, John Wilson, &c.

Ever yours truly,
Chas. Mackay

James Maclardy

  • The sunny days are come, my love
  • Oh, my love was fair

Andrew James Symington

  • Day dream
  • Fair as a star of light
  • Nature musical

Isabella Craig

  • Our Helen
  • Going out and coming in
  • My Mary an' me
  • A song of summer

Robert Duthie

  • Song of the old rover
  • Boatman's song
  • Lisette

Alexander Stephen Wilson

  • Things must mend
  • The wee blink that shines in a tear
  • Flowers of my own loved clime

James Macfarlan

  • Isabelle
  • Household gods
  • Poor companions

William B. C. Riddell

  • Lament of Wallace
  • Oh! what is in this flaunting town

Margaret Crawford

  • My native land
  • The emigrant's farewell
  • The stream of life
  • Day-dreams of other years
  • Affection's faith

George Donald, Jun.

  • Our ain green shaw
  • Eliza

John Jeffrey

  • War-cry of the Roman insurrectionists

Patrick Scott

  • The exile

John Bathurst Dickson

  • The American flag

Evan M'coll

  • The hills of the heather

James D. Burns

  • Rise, little star
  • Though long the wanderer may depart

George Henderson

  • I canna leave my native land

Horatius Bonar, D.D.

  • The meeting-place
  • Trust not these seas again

John Halliday

  • The auld kirk bell
  • The auld aik-tree

James Dodds

  • Trial and death of Robert Baillie of Jervieswoode

Metrical Translations from the Modern Gaelic Minstrelsy

Duncan Macfarlan

  • The beauty of the shieling

John Munro

  • The Highland welcome

John Macdonald, Jun.

  • Mary, the fair of Glensmole

Evan M'coll

  • The child of promise

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