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My Bootman

My Bootman by JDS


The bootman whom I patronise
    Is Philp, of Milnathort.--
And mant a time I've made him rise
    And given him boots to start.


He often has so much to do
    He works till twelve at night.
He makes our footwear look like new--
    Renewed, and strong, and bright!


Oft have I waited in his shop,
    And watched him at his art:
No sooner does he one pair stop,
    Than others he must start!


And all the while his hammer chops
    He talks on many things.--
Till I forget of nails and caps,
    Of toe-plates and heel-rings!


I've tried some cobblers, far and near;
    Some dear; some very slow:
But none of them were ever near
    As good as he! Oh, no!

James D. Sharp (April 1938)

Although I never knew the author of the above poem, it holds a special place in my heart as the bootman in question, Phil[i]p, of Milnathort, is my grandfather, David Morrison Philip.

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