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The Complete Newgate Calendar

Volume I:

Volume II:

Volume III:

Volume V

Execution of John Hamilton by the Machine called The Maiden in Edinburgh (Frontispiece to Volume II)



View of NewgateThe New Gate of the City of London, the principal west gate at the point where Watling Street reached London, roughly along the line of Oxford Street and Holborn, built in the reign of Henry I, used as a prison from at least 1188, and rebuilt as such in 1420. It was destroyed in the Gordon Riots in 1780 but rebuilt in 1783 and used for both civil debtors and criminals until 1815. Thereafter, it was used for criminals only, and from 1881, only during the sittings of the Central Criminal Court. It was finally destroyed in 1902, part of the site being occupied by the Central Criminal Court then built.

Newgate Calendar

Or, Malefactor's Bloody Register

The original series of this work, by R. Sanders, was published in five volumes in 1760 and narrated notorious crimes from 1700 till then. There were many later editions. Later series were issued from about 1820 as the Newgate Calendar, and the New Newgate Calendar appeared weekly in 1863-65. There was also an Annals of Newgate by the Rev. M. Villette and others (1776).

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