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Notes on Old Edinburgh

The following is from Notes on Old Edinburgh by Isabella L. Bird:

Inscription over Doorway in Blackfriars Wynd

English Visitor--'So this is Blackfriars Wynd!'
Woman--'No, it's hell's mouth.'

Prefatory Note by the Rev. Dr. Hanna

Was ever a more vivid picture of more revolting scenes offered to the reader's eye than that which the following pages present? If any doubt creep into his mind as to the accuracy of its details, he has but to read the reports of Dr. LITTLEJOHN and Dr. ALEXANDER WOOD, in which everything here stated, not vouched for by the writer herself, is authenticated. Can nothing be done, shall nothing be done, to wipe out such foul blots from the face of our fair city? One effort among others is being made in this direction by the Association recently organized for improving the condition of the poor. It is in the hope of winning for this Association the support of all the humane among us that these "Notes" are published. It would be a happy, and not surely hopeless issue, if, by the combined and concentrated endeavours of all interested in the welfare of the poor, such a change were effected that, fifty years hence, it were doubted or denied that ever such a state of things existed as is here so graphically portrayed.

W. H.


Jan. 20, 1869

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