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On the King's Service

The following is from On the King's Service by Innes Logan (published 1917):

Chapter I - Mustering Men
  -    I. Those Gaunt Unlovely Buildings
  -   II. Why the First Hundred Thousand Enlisted
  -  III. Ubique

Chapter II - A Reinforcements Camp
  -    I. The Sunny Valley
  -   II. The Man from Skye
  -  III. 'You Can Hear Them Now'

Chapter III - A Clearing Station When There Is 'Nothing To Report'
  -    I. From Parapet to Base
  -   II. 'Do You Think That Sort of Thing Matters Now?'
  -  III. The Name of Jesus

Chapter IV - The Aftermath of Loos
  -    I. The Flavour of Victory
  -   II. Doubts and Fears
  -  III. Our Share of the Fifty Thousand

Chapter V - Dumbarton's Drums
  -    I. Back Again!
  -   II. The First Shock of War
  -  III. At The Nose Of The Salient

Chapter VI - Winter Warfare
  -    I. The Shell Area
  -   II. 'I Hate War: That Is Why I Am Fighting'
  -  III. Billets And Camps

Chapter VII - How The Royals Held The Bluff: An Episode Of Trench Warfare
  -    I. Waiting
  -   II. The Bluff
  - III. 'We've Keepit Up The Reputation O' The Auld Mob, Onyway'

Chapter VIII - The Historic Triangle

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