Popular Ballads of the Olden Time

The following is from Popular Ballads of the Olden Time: Third Series - Ballads of Scottish Tradition and Romance Selected and Edited by Frank Sidgwick:

Index of First Lines

  • Adiew, madam my mother dear
  • As I cam in by Dunidier
  • God send the land deliverance
  • Good Lord John is a hunting gone
  • Here beside dwelleth
  • I dreamed a dreary dream this night
  • Inverey cam doun Deeside, whistlin' and playin'
  • It befell at Martynmas
  • It's of a young lord o' the Hielands
  • I will sing, if ye will hearken
  • King Jamie hath made a vow
  • Lordings, listen and hold you still
  • Now Liddisdale has long lain in
  • Bessie Bell and Mary Gray
  • Of all the lords in fair Scotland
  • have ye na heard o' the fause Sakelde
  • heard ye of Sir James the Rose
  • Old Grahame he is to Carlisle gone
  • waly, waly up the bank
  • Peter o' Whifield he hath slain
  • Seven lang years I hae served the king
  • The eighteenth of October
  • The gardener stands in his bower-door
  • The king sits in Dumferling toune
  • The Persė owt off Northombarlonde
  • There cam singers to Earl Cassillis' gates
  • There dwelt a man in faire Westmerland
  • There liv'd a lass in yonder dale
  • There was a battle in the north
  • There was a troop of merry gentlemen
  • There were three sisters, they lived in a bower
  • There were twa brethren in the north
  • Waly, waly up the bank
  • Woe worth thee, woe worth thee, false Scotland
  • Word's gane to the kitchen
  • Ye gie corn unto my horse
  • Yt fell abowght the Lamasse tyde

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