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Fifty Years of Railway Life in England, Scotland and Ireland

The following is from Fifty Years of Railway Life in England, Scotland and Ireland by Joseph Tatlow:

  • Chapter XX - The Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland
  • Chapter XXI - Ballinasloe Fair, Galway, and Sir George Findlay
  • Chapter XXII - A Railway Contest, the Parcel Post, and the Board of Trade
  • Chapter XXIII - "The Railway News," the International Railway Congress, and a Trip to Spain and Portugal
  • Chapter XXIV - Tom Robertson, more about Light Railways, and the Inland Transit of Cattle
  • Chapter XXV - Railway Amalgamation and Constantinople
  • Chapter XXVI - A Congress at Paris, the Progress of Irish Lines, Egypt and the Nile
  • Chapter XXVII - King Edward, a Change of Chairmen, and more Railway Legislation
  • Chapter XXVIII - Vice-Regal Commission on Irish Railways, 1906-1910, and the Future of Railways
  • Chapter XXIX - The General Managers' Conference, Gooday's Dinner, and Divers Matters
  • Chapter XXX - From Manager to Director
  • Chapter XXXI - The Dominions' Royal Commission, the Railways of the Dominions, and Empire Development
  • Chapter XXXII - Conclusion

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