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My Schools and Schoolmasters

By Hugh Miller

(Published 1889)

  • To The Reader
  • Chapter I--A sailor's early career--First marriage--Escape from shipwreck--Second Love--Traits of character
  • Chapter II--Childhood and childish visions--A Father's death--Favourite books--Sketch of two maternal uncles
  • Chapter III--Dawn of patriotism--Cromarty Grammar School--Prevalent amusements--Old Francie--Earliest geological researches
  • Chapter IV--Uncle Sandy as a Naturalist--Important discovery--Cromarty Sutors and their caves--Expedition to the 'Doocot'--Difficulties and dangers--Sensation produced
  • Chapter V--A would-be patroness--Boyish games--First friendship--Visit to the Highlands--Geologizing in the Gruids--Ossian-worship
  • Chapter VI--Cousin George and Cousin William--Excursion with Cousin Walter--Painful accident--Family bereavements--Links between the present and the past
  • Chapter VII--Subscription school--Vacation delights--Forays and fears--Quarrel with the schoolmaster--Poetical revenge--Johnstone the forester
  • Chapter VIII--Choice of a calling--Disappointment to relatives--Old Red Sandstone quarry--Depression and walking-sleep--Temptations of toil--Friendship with William Ross
  • Chapter IX--Life in the bothie--Mad Bell--Mournful history--Singular intimacy--Manners and customs of north-country masons
  • Chapter X--Evening walks--Lines on a sun-dial--A haunted stream--Insect transformations--Jock Moghoal--Musings
  • Chapter XI--An antiquary in humble life--Poor Danie--Proficiency in porridge-making--Depressed health--A good omen--Close of apprenticeship
  • Chapter XII--Swimming the Conon--Click-Clack the carter--Loch Maree--Fitting up a barrack--Highland characteristics
  • Chapter XIII--The Brothers Fraser--Flora of the Northern Hebrides--Diving in the Gareloch--Sabbaths in Flowerdale woods--Causes of Highland distress
  • Chapter XIV--A cragsman's death--Providential escape--Property in Leith--First sight of Edinburgh--Peter M'Craw--Niddry Woods--Researches among the Coal Measures
  • Chapter XV--A worthy Seceder--The hero of the squad--Apology for fanaticism--Strikes--Recollections of the theatre
  • Chapter XVI--Great fires in Edinburgh--Dr. -- Colquhoun--Dr. -- M'Crie--Return to the North--Stanzas written at sea--Geological dreams
  • Chapter XVII--Religious phases--True centre of Christianity--Bearing of geology upon theological belief--Delicate health--A gipsy wedding
  • Chapter XVIII--Convalescence--Pursuit of algeology--Jock Gordon--Theory of idiocy--Mr-- Stewart of Cromarty
  • Chapter XIX--Stone-cutting at Inverness--A jilted lover--The Osars--Death of Uncle James--Farewell letter from William Ross
  • Chapter XX--Publication of poems--Newspaper criticisms--Walsh the lecturer--Enlarged circle of friends--Miss Dunbar of Boath
  • Chapter XXI--Arenaceous formations--Antiquity of the earth--Tremendous hurricane--Loligo Vulgare--Researches amid the Lias--Interesting discoveries
  • Chapter XXII--Religious controversies--Ecclesiastical dispute--Cholera--Preventive measures--Reform Bill
  • Chapter XXIII--Visitors in the churchyard--The Ladies' Walk--First interview--Friendship--Love--Second visit to Edinburgh--Linlithgow Bank--Favourable reception of "Scenes and Legends"--Marriage
  • Chapter XXIV--Married life at Cromarty--Ichthyolitic deposit of Old Red Sandstone--Correspondence with Agassiz and Murchison--Happy evenings--Death of eldest child
  • Chapter XXV--Voluntary principle--Position of the Establishment--Letter to Lord Brougham--Invitation to Edinburgh--Editorship of the Witness--Introduction to Dr. -- Chalmers--Visit from an old friend--Removal to Edinburgh

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