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The Scottish Reformation

Its Epochs, Episodes, Leaders, and Distinctive Characteristics

(Being the Baird Lecture for 1899)

By The Late Alexander F. Mitchell, D.D., Ll.D.

Emeritus Professor of Church History in St. Andrews University

Edited By D. Hay Fleming, Ll.D.

With A Biographical Sketch of the Author by James Christie, D.D.


Biographical Sketch of Dr Mitchell


A--The Pædagogium, Or St Mary's College, St Andrews
B--Citatio Patricii Hamilton
C--Cardinal Betoun's Incontinence
D--Conditions on Which the Use of the Church of the White Ladies at Frankfort Was Granted To the English Exiles
E--The Theological and Ecclesiastical Opinions of Alesius
F--The Dream or Vision of Alesius Concerning the Decapitation of Anne Boleyn
G--The Departure of Alesius from England
H--Alesius' Invitation of Melanchthon to His Daughter's Wedding
I--The Works of Alesius


Handwritten: yrs always cordially Alex F. Mitchell

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