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Sunny Memories

The following is from Sunny Memories by Harriet Beecher Stowe:

  • Letter VI - Public Soirée--Dr. Guthrie--Craigmiller Castle--Bass Rock--Bannockburn--Stirling--Glamis Castle--Barclay of Ury--The Dee--Aberdeen--The Cathedral--Brig o'Balgounie
  • Letter VII - Letter from a Scotch Bachelor--Reformatory Schools of Aberdeen--Dundee--Dr. Dick--The Queen in Scotland
  • Letter VIII - Melrose--Dry burgh--Abbotsford
  • Letter IX - Douglas of Caver--Temperance Soirée--Calls--Lord Gainsborough--Sir William Hamilton--George Combe--Visit to Hawthornden--Roslin Castle--The Quakers--Hervey's Studio--Grass Market--Grayfriars' Churchyard
  • Letter X - Birmingham--Stratford on Avon
  • Letter XI - Warwick--Kenilworth
  • Letter XII - Birmingham--Sybil Jones--J.A. James
  • Letter XIII - London--Lord Mayor's Dinner
  • Letter XIV - London--Dinner with Earl of Carlisle
  • Letter XV - London--Anniversary of Bible Society--Dulwich Gallery--Dinner with Mr. E. Cropper--Soirée at Rev. Mr. Binney's
  • Letter XVI - Reception at Stafford House
  • Letter XVII - The Sutherland Estate
  • Letter XVIII - Baptist Noel--Borough School--Rogers the Poet.--Stafford House--Ellesmere Collection of Paintings--Lord John Russell

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